1.2: High Performance
Organization (HPO) Framework

to the study conducted in Hpocenter by Dr. De Waal, (2012).  The High Performance Organization
(HPO) Framework is a conceptual, scientifically validated structure that
managers can use for deciding what to focus on in order to improve
organizational performance and make it sustainable. The HPO Framework is not a
set of instructions or a recipe that can be followed blindly. Rather it is a
framework that has to be translated by managers to their specific
organizational situation in their current time, by designing a specific variant
of the framework for their organization.

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HPO Framework consists of five factors of high performance organizations;

Quality of Management which deals with how head of schools and
school managers within the school or organization are supposed to
establish and maintain relationships with teachers
through valuing their efforts and helping them where necessary. The
management can maintain relationship by treating  them fairly and encouraging them in
performing teaching duties and other duties as assigned.
 Openness and Action Orientation- the peractice of
openness and action orientation within the school enviroment is conducted
througth head of school or school manager ahving frequenly consultation
with teachers as well as consider them in all teaching and learning
process and plans. Lack of openness within the school will create
unconducive environment and unsafe because teachers will not trust the
Long-Term Committment- whenever teachers and the school management
have a long term committment students academic achievement can be
attained. Teachers and school management should have an agreement that
gives them long term committment. Having long term
committment between them will give more time and opportunity to teachers
to study and experience their working environment through analysing the
cons and prons in teaching and learning. Using an HPO as a strategy will help
to create working committment.
Continuous Improvement – The process of
continuous improvement and renewal starts with an HPO officer or head of
school applying
a unique strategy that will sets the school apart through developing many
ways for the students academic achievement. The school can continue
improve its process and strategies by doing analysis for the existing
process and strategies to see if changes and improvement needed.
Quality of Workforce, The quality of workforce in the school or
organization can foster development. Having workforce who are qualified
and experienced in teaching and learning industry will promote teaching
and learning and enhance students academic achievement. An
HPO makes sure the school have diversity and scomplement workforce and
hires people with intergrity and creativity in solving teaching and learning
isssues. An HPO give an opportunity to head of schools to develop their
teachers by training, letting teachers learn from others.