Use the MARS model to discuss the main
direct predictors of wrongdoing at SNC-Lavalin.

MARS model is providing a structure for the four direct predictors of
individual behavior and performance:

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 Motivation: There are many motivational factors
in the SNC -Lavalin case study, firstly, as a vice president of the firm pointed
out that some executives benefitted from the briberies which is a strong
financial motivation. Also, the employees at the lower level of hierarchy in
lieu of saving their jobs were forced to engage in illegal activities like
bribing as they saw the upper management doing so as pointed out by another
senior executive. The case also states that there was a culture of wrongdoing,
that is, the company did not vehemently oppose the act of giving or receiving
bribery as it was a normal part of how they conducted the business, this motivated
the act of such illegal activities among the employees.

 Ability: SNC-Lavalin executives seemed to be
highly skilled at bribing government officials as instances stated in the case
suggest. For instance, SNC-Lavalin executives had been bribing Gaddafi’s son for
landing 5 major contracts in Libya which would have required skill in bribing.
Another instance stated in the case was the decade of bribery hidden by
SNC-Lavalin in Africa and Montreal which is an astounding period to conduct
such illegal activities under the radar.

perceptions: SNC-Lavalin employees should have been aware of their wrongdoings
but since they saw a culture of bribery in the company they must have been accustomed
to it as routine work.

factors: There might have been a circumstance where the company might have been
pressurizing the employees to indulge in activities like bribing to keep the
shareholders of the company happy. Another may be a situation where some
corrupt executives at high positions in the company might have spread the
bribing culture in other employees who might have indulged in it pertaining to the
fear of losing their jobs.

Explain how moral sensitivity and moral
intensity apply to the unethical behavior among several SNC-Lavalin executives
and other staff.

acknowledging to the fact that their ways of conducting business was unethical
and not reasonable points to the fact that they had moral sensitivity. However,
since the company had made the unethical practices of bribery a norm within the
company it can be argued that the moral sensitivity would have somewhat faded
in the employees. The employees might have started taking unethical practices such
as bribery as a part of their jobs which would have contributed to the growth
of gradual moral insensitivity. SNC-Lavalin’s unethical practices had high
moral intensity as they were against the ethical and legal principles.


What steps should SNC-Lavalin and other
companies in this situation take to minimize these types of corporate

first and foremost step that SNC-Lavalin should take is instill leaders who have
a track record of being honest and ethical in their conduct and dealings. There
is a need for the company to dismiss or at least suspend the senior executives
found guilty of unethical practices. Also since the indulgence of the employees
in unethical practices has been a culture of the company for so long there is a
need for employee counselling sessions that the company needs conduct to help
the employees to give up on such practices.