power of the people is stronger than the people in power”. Hold my hands
people, for there subsist no power without your support.

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Pricking the bubble reputation that you have
for cryptocurrencies, I would like to elaborate more „Petro?. My dear friends,
„Petro? is no bubble, we are standing by it. By „we? I refer to the on government
of Venezuela. In our country, my dear friends, government is, “Of the people, By the people, For the

The digital
currency, „Petro? launched by us is backed by hard assets. Yes, my friends, by
hard assets, I am referring to our gold, diamonds and five billion barrels of
Venezuela oil reserves, the backbone of our digital currency. 

Devouring the
aura of cryptocurrency, let?s take the first mover advantage to launch a
cryptocurrency with hard asset back up. Repecurrsion of which is increased
faith of people on our digital unit, Petro,
for investment. The inherent potential of these units for raising foreign
investment is beyond imagination. It is a rare combination of technology and
finance with global reach.

“The age of
believing is over. We are in the age of knowing.” Know this my friend that the
foreign investment that we can fetch through Petro will pave a path towards our
economic growth and prosperity. The money inflow in the form of foreign
investment will drive towards a boosted up economy.

I promise you
no longer shall you be deprived of any kind of basic amenities.

And, I want my
people to know that it is a myth that Petro is a repackaged form of Venezuelan
currency Bolivar Fuertes. I assure my people that Petro is not encouraging
hyperinflation in any form on our persisting currency Bolivar.

My friends,
shackle down this wall of misunderstanding and try again. Try again, this time
with me, my friends. Believe me. This is indeed the wind of change which will
guide us towards the path of an idyllic life. 



2.  “Forbidden fruit are the

Diving deep into the Abrahamic
religions? mythology, Adam and Eve were tempted to consume the fruit from the
“tree of the knowledge of good and evil” only because God prohibited them to do

Going by the faith of the young
generation, they drink more of alcohol only because it is prohibited and
knowing this fact, it adds horns to their pride. If we stop making a fuss about
consuming alcohol and consider it acceptable within the society, alcohol will
lose its essence.

Similarly, following the same
psychology if we legalize consumption of cannabis the same would have a
negligible impact on its consumption for recreational purpose. It is fair to
say that prohibition has failed to curb the problem.


History of banning cannabis –

In all fairness to Rajiv Gandhi,
he passed the law of banning cannabis under tremendous pressure from the
western countries. 

Now, the western countries itself
realize their mistakes in the path of legalization. 

Should we wait again for the
western world to force us for something?

 Can’t we just take our own decision and just
legalize it?

 Isn’t promoting Indian culture and tradition
the main motto of BJP government?

Shouldn’t they take necessary
steps for legalizing cannabis which has been truly a part of our culture?










SWOT Analysis







Opportunities     : 1. Eradicate
Black Marketing.

legalization or decriminalization will replace the black market production and
distribution with an ‘overboard industry’. There will be rules and regulations

 the trade will be ‘populated by the
government, farmers, merchants and retailers and not by criminals or drug

2. Help The

Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the only source of income is through cannabis  cultivation. Since
it is banned, the farmers are forced to sell at a very cheap price to the drug
dealers. Legalizing cannabis will end this ‘war
on drugs’ targeting our own


        3.   Ensure Quality

 In India, dealers often mix hash
and weed with chemicals or other drugs like afeem
to improve the taste, colour and texture. Legalization will improve the quality
of cannabis

 sold to the users because
government will regulate the production and sale of the drug.

        4.   Job

 There is a plethora of jobs that
can be created by the cannabis industry and help reduce India’s unemployment






Target market – Drug addicts, Children & Pharmaceutical Industry 

addicts – Owning the first mover advantage, we will be the
first one to sell cannabis legally in India via Internet.  However keeping in mind, the diversity of
addicts we would offer them cannabis through offline mediums as well it will be
subject to two conditions:

ü  Authorized dealers

ü  Limitation in cannabis one person can carry


our key marketing strategies will be :

§  Offline marketing

§  Online marketing



Pharmaceutical Industry-  

strategy used – Buzz marketing, primarily used for spreading awareness
about the untapped uses of cannabis.

Hospitals located in Delhi,
Bangalore, Mumbai and other states which gives special emphasis on treatment of
HIV/AIDS, cancer will be targeted as well as the market segment dealing with Alzheimer’s,
Arthritis, glaucoma and epilepsy will be approached with accompanied incentives
to boost up sales.


3. SOCIAL CAUSE – Knocking Down The Mental Barriers!

would rather Go Drive My Truck,


Riding, and 

dirty than 

Go shopping any day”, shouted aloud the girl?s heart barricaded by
the society.

Often the biggest obstacle to
running has nothing to do with the legs and lungs; it?s about what is in your
mind palace.

Triggering, isn?t it? How can
girls even think of camping, playing video games, or riding bikes? 


If we talk about boys playing
with dolls or kitchenware, it is not their sport. We live in a society which is
currently ruled by the restrictive domain in terms of the way girls and boys
are supposed to behave.

Have you ever thought why do
girls generally land up playing with dolls or find it more retreating to play
games related to domestic chores. In India watching out girls playing on action
movies and performing stunts is quite unnatural.


How can a boy interwine his soul
to Bharatnatyam, or not have beards, or how can he play with dolls? In fact,
watching a guy playing as a homemaker or having a passion for cooking is

Strange it is that our minds dwell behind such bars wherein
we don?t even voice our opinions or to be more precise we
don?t even have an opinion as to why
all these serve to be deplorable. 

the dots we move towards how the „Cowboy Hat? relates to our social

The Cowboy Hat –
It symbolizes you have won the west and achieved triumph over the mental
barriers. Similarly, by breaking the conventional believes of the society, we
are pushing people to put on their thinking caps and drive them towards a more
liberal society.

 We are plunging out
people from being a sociopath. Living your own thought is not an antisocial


Marketing Strategies

•      Social
media marketing – Social media is not a place to hard sell – it is a
place to sell trust and credibility. We aim to grasp the attraction of our
customers by being responsive and stimulating buzzing discussions on people?s
mindset and „Quora? would play a vital role in the same. Predominantly,
„Facebook?, „Twitter?, „Linkedin? and other social media platforms would play as
our shotgun to shackle down people?s constrained thought process. Initiating
slogans would be flashed in such a way that our cowboy hat will emerge out as a
symbol of triumph over the mental barriers.


•      Cross media
marketing – Many channels, one conversation. 


 “I am a not
psychopath. I am a highly functioning sociopath”, said Sherlock Holmes
proclaiming towards our product?s cause. The cowboy hat worn by Sherlock Holmes
and John Watson portrays them being the brand ambassador of our product
on the TV series and under Telemarketing segment. 


•      Offline
marketing – Sponsoring events on beaches and using cowboy hats in
street plays focusing on our social cause will help us create a brand image
wherein possessing the cowboy hat becomes a matter of pride. Using banners and
posters would be one of our powerful tools for marketing.

                                                   LINK FOR OUR SURVEY:


Long-run prospects

Elaborating more on our long term
goals, we are looking forward to a society wherein the walls of the mental
barriers have been smashed down and make sure that there is no rejuvenation of
these mental barriers in any form.

“Paving the pathway towards your real
self is treading towards happiness.” 


4.  Cracking down the loopholes of
previous marketing campaign :

the problem in our previous campaign was the inequality persisting between the
votes given via internet and the votes given via telephone. Moving on with the
dynamic world, in this era of 2018, the world has moved towards a more
digitalized world. The telecom sector has remarkably contributed towards
penetration of internet to the remote areas of the world. 

However, not being negligent
towards our past mistakes, we have formulated a watertight strategy this time
to serve the people with telephone as well. 


The mechanism on which


we will operate:



The terms and conditions are as follows:

s  Each
city will be allotted an 8-digits wherein, o 1st three digits – Country

o Last 5 digits –City code


s  Additionally,
each voter can cast his vote in favour of at most 3 cities from their home
country and 4 from any other. 

s  A
directory of city codes will be launched on the official website and published
on newspapers and other broad base media.


Mediums through which voting will be
casted :


: The voting instructions must be followed :

  The user can simply
call the toll free number and will
follow the instructions given thereby and type the numeric code for their
respective 7 cities.


                                   DEMO OF THE SAME CAN BE EXPERIENCED




Voters having access to internet can cast their votes by signing up on the
official  website subject to the terms
and conditions of our campaign.

OR MOBILE PHONES: People possessing mobile phones can very

easily use SMS facility by
sending the numeric codes of their seven favourite cities within the framework
of our terms and conditions.



?7 things
for everyone to remember, 7 symbols of unity that respect, honour and celebrate
our planet’s cultural diversity.? — Bernard Weber






serving the demand of our campaign wherein our aims and awareness is fire
and the social media platform is gasoline. Facebook,
Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube will
be used for stimulating people towards voting more and more and make their
favourite city win. Banners, posters and continuous sponsored advertisements
will also be used. Quora will be used
as an active platform to take up the queries and discussions on the topics
related to our aims.