What are the forces in the marketing
environment? How much control does a marketing manager have over these forces?


       –     The forces in the marketing environment
are Economic forces, competitive forces, sociocultural forces, technology
forces, political forces, and legal and regulatory forces. Marketing manager
have little control over the forces


  2 Discuss the basic
elements of the marketing concept. Define production orientation, sales
orientation and market orientation. Explain the difference between them.


-Product orientation focuses on the manufacturing and
production process. A sales-orientation company is very internally focused and
looks to sell products that the company is successful at making. A
marketing-oriented is externally focused on the consumer’s wants and needs.


 3 What is socially
responsible marketing? Explain green marketing in detail.


-Socially responsible marketing is the idea that business
should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society.

Green marketing refers to a company’s marketing efforts to produce, promote,
and reclaim environmentally sensitive products. It is a response to the growing
importance of ecological issues in marketing.


4 Explain value in detail. Imagine you purchase a car; how
do you assess the value of the car?


-Value is a person’s assessment of benefits relative to
costs in deciding the worth of a product. To assess the value of a car you look
at the mileage, how old the car is, and any damages to the car.