1 The Most Sought Gratification in Reading News On Twitter was Information sharing 


The main reason why we have our phones with us constantly would be to stay connected with people through conversation, with whomever you choose or even professional contacts. Additionally, numerous social media programs set up in our smartphones only improved our social network needs. The main objective of any social social networking sites, including Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, was to create the platform for people to link with their peers, buddies, families, and others. You can trade text, symbolic, and movie messages through, Tweets, Facebook or Instagram with all of them without being concerned about the distances apart. Online networking braces and keeps up your own connections with people all around the globe.

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In the present study, it was found that the most sought gratification was Information sharing with mean 3.40.

Information sharing is an essential gratification, which is attained through content appears on one person’s social media wall. The information that appeared on the wall of people find interesting information they share to their friends and families by tagging, liking and commenting on the posts on Twitter, posting on twitter by keeping in mind people sharing information for the wellbeing of their loved ones.

This gratification enhances two-way communication on social networking sites. The moment news is shared it builds a small community around itself where a lot of activities happen: they are liked, commented on, and sometimes even shared by others. The innovation of new smartphones and online applications look to strengthen the communication between people. Even if the shared news does not mean anything to the world, they could mean a lot for a couple or few individuals who require the information shared. Hence, in the activity of sharing news online, the presence of mutuality is more crucial than the content itself. In sharing news, communication becomes more fluid and increases connectivity, with the expansion of social setting.

Sharing news on social media has proved to encourage other individuals with similar taste for sharing news online in setting stronger relationships (Malik et al., 2015). It is possible from the results that people in the age group of 18 to 25 who show dynamic abilities in using social media platforms share news to help others to know what’s happening around them. Sharing information on social networking sites is not only to create new relationships but also to sustain the existing ones (Malik et al., 2015).

However, it is important to keep in mind to check the quality of the information, including news shares on different social networking sites. Since friends on social networking sites include people from various categories, that is, peers, friends, family, business partners, colleagues, and others, sharing good quality of information will add to the sustainability of our boding with them. Also, different social networking sites create different approach for social connection.

In conclusion, the phenomenon of sharing information has become more multifaceted. One of the primary reasons is to build, develop and maintain relationships on social media. Sharing information on social media has become a basement for helping people to inform the information because social networking sites have become a replacement for real – life friendship and company. Moreover, the advancing features on social media platforms enable its users to connect and engage with friends, peers, family and the society.


6.2. The Least Sought Gratification in Reading News On Twitter was Social-influence


In this study, social-influence was found to be the lowest of the gratifications for reading news on Twitter with the mean value of 3.12. This finding goes against the general trend where studies have found that social-influence is one of the primary reasons behind reading news (Cauwenberge, et.al., 2010).

The findings regarding social-influence gratification can also be read in association with the finding of social connection being the highest gratification for reading news on Twitter. Students display immunity towards social-influence gratification of reading news because information-sharing has become their primary gratification. This finding could indicate to a developing maturation arc among the platform users. Every medium carries with it a potential for exploration and youngsters are at the forefront of it. It is found that there is no influence from other twitter users for consuming or sharing news on Twitter. On Twitter students consume news for the improvement of their knowledge and they share news with their peers, friends, family, business partners, colleagues, and others, to educate them and keep them updated about what’s happening around the world.



6.3. Consumption of news on Twitter

News consumption has become a social act. The researcher found that the students depend on Twitter for the news stories. Within the changing news environment, younger adult audiences, often called the Internet generation, keep increasingly attracted towards on the internet sources of news plus information, raising questions regarding the nature and quantity of news consumed. Students are attracted towards online news sources like Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites and blogs for the news. Students are exposed to news by using social media sites and from the news organisation blogs and social media pages. They also obtained news incidentally from interpersonal media such as mention them. For a lot more detailed and in-depth reading through and viewing of stories college students turned to live TV set coverage or explored the main topic of interest on the net using their own laptop.

Researcher found that students consume more of TV / Movie related news from twitter, because students want to be updated with the Latest movies or TV shows which they have missed and it helps them to be involve in the discussion with their friends and families about the movies and TV shows. They also get news on TV/movies shows because it entertains the students and keep them relaxed.()ss1 





6.4. Participatory behaviour of post news consumption on Twitter

Participatory behaviour of student’s post news consumption on twitter is found to be significant through chi-square test. This means that most of the students involved in post news consumption on Twitter through sharing news on twitter to spread awareness, commenting on the article and news feed to make his/her opinion, they get engaged in discussion and debate over the content. This shows that students read news on twitter and they also like to share the news with their friend, families and followers. 

The findings also show how majority of the respondents said that they share news with peers, friends, family, business partners, colleagues, and others, because they can create awareness about the issues or news around them. Students share news to spread awareness more than commenting on the article or involving in the discussion and debate. Students don’t want to get involved in commenting, discussion or debate over news articles because they lack information and they are less confident about what they want to sayss2 (). Students share news with their peers, friends, family, business partners, colleagues, because it interests them. Students main motive in sharing news is to inform others of what’s happening in their city, state, country or world.

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 ss2Once again how are you coming to these conclusions because you did a survey and not interview