Trisha Thompson Adams is a 26-year-old artist who predominantly uses oil paints and watercolour to create stunning works depicting harmony between life and death. Her paintings often feature anatomical aspects intertwined with flora, giving her work a more feminine feel softening how scientific anatomical artwork is typically viewed. Thompson Adams’ paintings often include a comparatively plain background on which the main subject is painted which emphasizes the naturalistic and entangled form of anatomy and flowers, drawing attention to the key message portrayed through her art. Her style of painting includes soft gradients to create a very realistic image juxtaposed by the strange inclusion of both organs and plants. The concept of adornment is key in understanding the artist’s work. “I’m inspired by things full of life and death. I’m continually exploring the depths of life, death, and rebirth. ” Her paintings focus on the harmony between humans and animals embodied by nature itself. The delicate nature of her painting style is complimentary towards expressing the fragile balance held between growth and decay, therefor explicitly framing exactly that. There’s a beautiful concept explored through her work of morbid subjects yet depicted using vibrant and in an ethereal style. Human body parts, spanning bones, skulls, organs and that of anatomy books vastly differ from strictly clinical common illustrations. Trisha Thompson Adams takes inspiration from inspired by curious dreams, daily musings, folklore, anatomy, & astronomy often at times these themes are found to overlap one another which is something explored within her work. Use of colour including greyscale tones, these muted colours are offset by the pastel flora. Similarly in other pieces, polychromatic organs against a dark backdrop creates a mysterious and enticing mood to express the curiosity of the combination through unique and experimental colour composition.