Introduction: This report will use data to review and analyze Humboldt County using information taken from state resources. Comparisons will be done between the county itself and the state of California as a whole. Progress as well as Healthcare issues will be addressed and propositions will be made to ensure the utmost progress possible. Report: 1. Population: a. Total Population: (134,493) b. Breakdown by age: i. Person 5 yrs. & under 5. 3% ii. Persons 18 yrs. & under 19. 5% iii. Persons 65 yrs. and over 14. 8% c. Ethnicity: i. White 84. 4% ii. Black 1. 3% iii. Asian 2. 5% iv.

Native Hawaiian 0. 3% v. Hispanic 10. 5% d. Socioeconomics: i. All in poverty 22% ii. Children 0-17 in poverty 27. 2% 2. Health Insurance: a. Percent of uninsured (age 18-64): 29. 3% b. Other types of coverage: i. Employment based ii. Medi-Cal or Healthy Families c. Medical managed care 3. Hospitals: a. Number and types i. General Hospital, General Acute Care- Non-Profit ii. Mad River Community Hospital, General Acute Care- Investor Control iii. Jerold Phelps Community Hospital, General Acute Care, Government Control iv. Redwood Memorial, General Acute Care, Non-Profit v. St.Joseph Memorial, General Acute Care, Non-Profit vi. Sempervirens P. H. F. , Psychiatric Health Facility, Government Control b.

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Beds per population: i. .20 ii. .46 iii. .06 iv. .17 v. 8. 2 4. Physicians: (per population) a. County 2. 0 b. California 2. 7 5. Community Clinics: a. Number and type in county i. Total Community Clinics & Health Center (12) ii. Total FQHC (10) iii. Health Centers (2) b. Percentage of total population served by clinics i. Total community Clinics & Health Center 46% 6. Public Health, Mental Health Services: a. Public Health Services i. Health Clinics ii. Health Nursing iii.

Tobacco free Humboldt iv. Sexually transmitted Disease Control b. Behavioral Services & Programs i. County Medical Services Program (CMSP) 7. Children’s Health: a. County Scores 8. Senior Health: a. Assisted living facilities i. Number of facilities (19) 9. Health Workforce Shortage, Medically underserved: a. HPSA b. MUA 10. Health Outcomes & Factors: a. Rank of County 11. Nutrition & Food Insecurity: a. Food Insecurity (18,000) b. Assistance Programs i. Number of programs (12) ii. CACFP iii. National School Lunch & Breakfast Programs iv. Summer Meal Programs v. WIC & Breastfeeding Measures.