2.0 Reflective Cycle Model

Cycle model includes description (When and where did this happen?), feeling (what do I feel?), evaluation (positive and negative situation), analysis (What sense can be made of the situation?), conclusion (what was the result?) and action plan (possible actions).

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2.1 Description

According to given task, the group involves team of four people. Afterwards, our formed group has written a questionnaire to conduct a survey among students (at least 50). First problem that we faced when and where our group could gather to discuss the task. From personal performance in the team, I am more of a plant, but I incline to be protecting of certain information and not too open to communication (which is an allowed weakness according to Belbin, 1994).

2.2 Feeling

I know that I am not open to sharing information but I did not guess that my team members have noticed it. After gathering, obviously, the designation is a decent element; regardless it may not work on the off chance that one of the individuals does not have any desire to assume liability. Unfortunately, we have faced with it; consequently, instead of that person another member had to take an extra duty. Therefore, productivity of the work was weakened.

2.3 Evaluation

Encountering with this problem, some of fellow students` skills to motivate others members was helpful. We found a compromise, which satisfied others. Every member had own experience and background, and demonstrated his or her strong side, while working together we can learn something new from another person. Hence, such an understanding influenced me to feel extremely awkward as I comprehended that different individuals from the group have emotions as well and want access to the thoughts have I have for the proceeded with development of the group.

2.4 Analysis

From an investigative perspective, it ought to be noticed that my activities are a result of my wants to guarantee that the information provided to my fellow group are right, because I am deeply concerned about passing information that can deliver negative outcomes. I additionally would prefer not to be faulted by team members for their general execution, because of the information I imparted to them (Jelps and Dickson, 2008). In addition, working in a group implies that all individuals from the group should built up some level of mindfulness aptitudes and furthermore forces the capacity to convey straightforwardly and successfully for the sole motivation behind gathering the delicate needs of all members in the group.

2.5 Conclusion

Teamwork is without a doubt a necessity in the modern organization. From this experience, I feel that I could have been more self-confident and motivated in trying the new abilities. For the group to have benefited completely from different activities we participated in I think they also should be more driven and inspired to discover original abilities in themselves. This team project help me learn new skills and knowledge, which have set up a beginning stage for me to create the goals that I, am ready to teach different activities in the future.

2.6 Action Plan


The need an action plan depends on the understanding that group members take out necessary time to reflect on their activities and impact on the success of the team. Coaching towards individual change will influence the general execution of the individual emphatically and increase the chances of desired positive outcome being effectively achieved. On the ground of such understanding, I will be more open to my gathering part for the course of meeting set destinations and turn out to be more informative and in addition willing to share thoughts together. To evade faults , I will communicate the upsides and downsides of any thought shared, featuring the requirement for the group to be extremely careful when actualizing such thoughts and furthermore make a second-base plans for covering up failures in the future.