In the book Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi grows up in the midst of the Iranian revolution. This is certainly a life changing experience. In a society where one certain religion is forced upon you, and where you go, what you wear, who you see, and all that you do is restricted, it is clearly difficult to accept. Being a determined and independent young lady such as herself she has a hard time dealing with these rules. Being a teenager myself I can relate to growing up when everything thing you do is judged.

Marijane begins her journey when one of the first new rules is set in place, Then came 1980: the year it became obligatory to wear the veil at school”(3). Marijane is very young at the time and her and her classmates don’t understand why the veil is necessary to wear. This is similar to how we have a dress code at our school and are told what we are and aren’t allowed to wear (although on a very different scale). After this new laws are set at place and demonstrations happen weekly.

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Marjane’s parents actually take place in these riots. This in my opinion is separation, taking Marijane from a world in which she is comfortable and knows into a war in which completely changes her way of life Certainly after seeing her parents participate in these demonstrations Marijane feels the need to join. Marijane feels as if she must be a part of it. This relates to how I look up to my mother and when you see things someone you admire do you want to follow in there footprints and do it too.

This is her call to action. Additionally these demonstrations continued to get more and more violent. Marjane also begins to take the ideas of these riots and applies them to playing with her friends . This really upsets her mom and I think makes her begin to think about her daughters safety in their country. Continually the war in Iran is getting worse and worse and their inhabitants are suffering from it. Many of Marjane’s friends move to America in order to ensure their safety.

Her parents decide to stay because they figure the war can not get too much worse and they do not want to have to take very low jobs in America. This why they decide to sent Marjane away to Vienna, Austria to attend a school there . This is when Marjane crosses a threshold into a new part of her life where she must be independent and strong. This is comparable to going into high school, I was familiar with my surrounds and then I had to adjust to a new way of life.

After reading this novel I actually learned a lot about myself and how lucky I am to live where everyone is equally accepted. Marjane strives to live in a time where she can at least wear makeup in public. It was interesting to read about a teenager living in a completely different country and a different culture but yet have similar beliefs as my own. In my opinion some thoughts and wishes are universal and just because someone lives , dresses , or looks where or how they doesn’t mean they don’t have similarities with you.