23  opened for signature at Washington, (hereinafter referred to as the “ICSID Convention”), if the Contracting Party of the Investor and the Contracting Party to the dispute are both parties to the ICSID Convention; or  (ii) The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, established pursuant to the Convention referred to in subparagraph (a)(i), under the rules governing the Additional Facility for the Administration of Proceedings by the Secretariat of the Centre (hereinafter referred to as the “Additional Facility Rules”), if the Contracting Party of the Investor or the Contracting Party to the dispute, but not both, is a party to the ICSID Convention;  (b) a sole arbitrator or ad hoc arbitration tribunal established under the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (hereinafter referred to as “UNCITRAL”); or  (c) an arbitral proceeding under the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, provided that in such proceedings any decision on any proposal to disqualify an arbitrator shall be taken by the other members of the Tribunal, provided further that where those members are equally divided, or in the case of a proposal to disqualify a sole arbitrator or a majority of the arbitrators, the Board of Directors of the Arbitration Institute of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce shall take the decision.  (5) (a) The consent given in paragraph (3) together with the written consent of the Investor given pursuant to paragraph (4) shall be considered to satisfy the requirement for:  (i) written consent of the parties to a dispute for purposes of Chapter II of the ICSID Convention and for purposes of the Additional Facility Rules;  24  (ii) an “agreement in writing” for purposes of article II of the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, done at New York, (hereinafter referred to as the “New York Convention”); and  (iii)  “the  parties  to  a  contract  to  have  agreed  in  writing”  for the purposes of article 1 of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. (b) Any arbitration under this Article shall at the request of any party to the dispute be held in a state that is a party to  the New York Convention. Claims submitted to arbitration hereunder shall be considered to arise out of a commercial relationship or transaction for the purposes of article I of that Convention.  (6) A tribunal established under paragraph (4) shall decide the issues in dispute in accordance with this  Treaty  and  applicable  rules  and  principles  of  international  law  as  well  as  the  spirit  of international agreements applicable to the subject. It is understood and agreed that this stipulation shall have no retroactive force and that any tribunal shall apply the principles of international law and of international agreements which were in force and binding on the Contracting Parties at the moment when the dispute arose.  (7) An Investor other than a natural person which has the nationality of a Contracting Party to the dispute on the date of the consent in writing referred to in paragraph (4) and which, before a dispute between it and that Contracting Party arises, is controlled by Investors of another Contracting Party, shall  for  the  purpose  of  article 25(2)(b) of the ICSID Convention be  treated as a “national of another Contracting State” and shall for the purpose of article 1(6) of the Additional Facility Rules be treated as a “national of another State”.  25  (8) The awards of arbitration, which may include an award of interest, shall be final and binding upon the parties to the dispute. An award of arbitration concerning a measure of a sub-national government or authority of the disputing Contracting Party shall provide that the Contracting Party may pay monetary damages in lieu of any other remedy granted. Each Contracting Party shall carry out without delay any such award and shall make provision for the effective enforcement in its Area of such awards.  … PART VIII FINAL PROVISIONS … ARTICLE 45 PROVISIONAL APPLICATION (1) Each signatory agrees to apply this Treaty provisionally pending its entry into force for such signatory  in  accordance  with  Article  44,  to  the  extent  that  such  provisional  application is not inconsistent with its constitution, laws or regulations.  (2) (a) Notwithstanding paragraph (1) any signatory may, when signing, deliver to the Depositary a declaration  that  it  is  not  able  to  accept  provisional  application.  The  obligation  contained  in paragraph (1) shall not apply to a signatory making such a declaration. Any such signatory may at any time withdraw that declaration by written notification to the Depositary. (b) either a signatory which makes a declaration in accordance with subparagraph (a) nor Investors of that signatory may claim the benefits of provisional application under paragraph (1).  (3) (a) Any signatory may terminate its provisional application of this Treaty by written notification to the Depositary of its intention not to become a Contracting Party to the Treaty. Termination of provisional application for any signatory shall take effect upon the expiration of 60 days from the date on which such signatory’s written notification is received by the Depositary.  (b)  In  the  event  that a signatory terminates provisional application under subparagraph (a), the obligation  of  the  signatory  under  paragraph  (1)  to  apply  Parts  III  and  V  with  respect  to  any Investments made in its Area during such provisional application by Investors of other signatories shall nevertheless remain in effect with respect to those Investments for twenty years following the effective date of termination.