Wallet Detector is ready to deliver hundred pieces of wallets to our customers.
As according to our vision and mission, we specialize in transforming and substituting
the physical wallet into a smart multifunctional device wallet with IT devices,
while providing flexible and innovative product and services to our customers. The
idea of Stark Wallet Detector started two years ago, where the management,
together with our team of engineers and designers have been working tirelessly
on creating a perfect mix of design and technology.

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its final shape is completed, every engineer will work together with the
management team in dealing with the supplier to buy the raw materials such as the
leather wallet, Bluetooth tracker, NFC chip, spy camera with GPS and 2500mAH
power bank. After everything is already purchased, our engineer will
collaborate with the designers on how to combine and complete everything until
its final shape, packed with super abilities. After it is completed, we will ensure
that what we did will fulfill our customers’ needs.

Other than that, Stark Wallet Detector’s methodology is also built
around the following three (3) steps:


            3.1       MARKETING

company focuses on the 4 P’s of Marketing to get the interest in our powerful
wallet and also to introduce new lines and features into the product at strong
price points. These are:

Our product is focusing on high-quality, attractive products with a particular significance
on features & design of the wallet.

Our wallet is offered with an affordable price and our aim is to ensure that
all generations can afford to buy it. Most importantly, we are focusing more on
attracting and reaching of our biggest target customers; which is the professionals.
Therefore it might be marketed as a medium to high-end purchase, yet it is
still worth investing in.

Stark Wallet Detector is located in one of the biggest shopping complex in
Kuching, where it is a strategic location to operate since it is the most
convenient place to reach the target market of all generations, especially our
main target customer which is the professionals.

We create a targeted, consistent marketing campaigns and advertisements that
appeal to the heart of not only our target customers, but for everyone. We will
always ready and excited to offer any promotion to our customers, since our
customers’ happiness and satisfaction is our main goal.