<>You may be here because you are exploring more natural ways to help with fertilityOR, maybe you are looking for ways to boost your IVF success rate.No matter which method you choose: naturally or through fertility treatments, one way to increase your fertility is by using energy stones and crystals. Oftentimes there is an energetic block causing infertility, and crystals with their healing power can help you move through this blockage.When I was struggling to get pregnant and then throughout my pregnancy, I used different combinations of the fertility crystals, to help release negative energy, alleviate stress and bring more peace. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the best crystals for fertility and how to use them effectively and get results.Crystals for Fertility:1) Moonstones:Natural gray moonstone: Moonstone is known as the stone of fertility, destiny and motherhood (you’ve probably heard a tale or two that the best time to get pregnant is during a full moon). Rainbow moonstone: Rainbow Moonstone is a healing stone that is directly aligned with the energy of the moon.  When wearing it, it increases fertility, lifts up your feminine power and strengthens your connection with your soul and inner spirit.Sunshine or Peach Moonstone: Sunshine or Peach Moonstone is believed to be a woman’s stone for love and fertility. It promotes hormonal balance and strengthens your immune system. It also alleviates anxiety and brings peace, joy and harmony to whoever wears it.Lepidolite: Lepidolite is a stone that has a soft nurturing energy, and reminds us to love ourselves and our souls.  It is also a stone that helps to alleviate anxiety with anything related to pregnancy, fertility cycles and childbirth.Amazonite: Amazonite is known as the stone of courage. It promotes self-confidence, happiness and joy when starting this exciting new journey in your life. It also alleviates anxiety, self-negligence and mood swings, and encourages you to have a healthy lifestyle.Carnelian: Also known sometimes as Red Agate, is the stone of energy, passion and joy.  This natural stone helps to balance the Second Chakra which is connected to the reproductive system. It is also a protective stone and a source of vitality and renovation.How to use the fertility crystals?To utilise the healing power of crystals, it  is important to be in contact with them for longer periods of time. Try wearing these jewellery pieces that pair well together so well that their energies enhance each others’ and create some serious amplification and healing:Fertility Sets: Natural Gray Moonstone and Lepidolite: This set is designed to help you in your attempt to get pregnant, no matter which way you choose: naturally or through fertility treatments.  The purpose is to increase your fertility and connect with your natural self.When using your fertility set, always use the affirmation: “I am fertile.”Rainbow Moonstone: These amazing pieces are created to honor the mothers and mothers to be, women wishing to have their rainbow baby, or any woman that, even without children, has a mothering influence towards others.When wearing this set, use this affirmation: “I am compassionate, nurturing and loving to myself and to others.”<>Pregnancy Set:This beautiful set is made with natural Sunshine or Peach Moonstone and Carnelian (also known in some places as Red Agate).  This set is to wear when you want to feel present during your pregnancy or when getting pregnant, during any kind of fertility treatment. You will want to wear it as a whole set, or just the bracelet.When using your Pregnancy Set, use this affirmation:  “I love each stage of my pregnancy and I accept it as the gift of love and maximum expression of life.”<>Newborn Sets:Unakite and Peach Moonstone: The intention of this set is to help you through your pregnancy and childbirth experience. When you wear it, it helps you to feel calm and relaxed. Remember, when you trust that the birth of a new life is safe and wonderful, you are also transmitting this to that new life.When using the Newborn Set, use this affirmation: “I am ready to be a mom”<>Amazonite and Green Agate (also known as Chrysocolla):  The intention of this set is to help you begin this new journey in your life of being a mother.  Once you are a mother, wear it whenever you feel called to. It is good to wear it along with the Pregnancy and Fertility jewelry sets, even after becoming a mother.When wearing the New Life set, use this affirmation: “I am a mom and full of love.” <>All of our necklaces and bracelets have a 925 silver Turtle Charm with natural enamel, as turtle is a water animal, and water is the element related to a fertile womb. Turtles also are known for their protective energies and are also a symbol of perseverance and resilience. In fertility, turtles lay a large number of eggs and have a large number of offspring. They have been linked to the fertility goddess Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and procreation, as well as associated with the moon, the star of fertility