Annie Leibovitz was born on October 2, 1949, in Connecticut. Growing up with her

father in the military, Leibovitz moved around a lot, developing an interest in photography along
the way, taking her first photos while her father was stationed in the Philippines. As an adult,
Leibovitz studied photography while working small jobs, including staying in Israel for a few

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She returned to the U.S in 1970, to take a job with the Rolling Stone Magazine. While
with the magazine, Leibovitz submitted the signature style of the Rolling Stone, with many
photos being taken of celebrities. After three years, she was promoted to the magazine’s chief
photographer at only 24. During her time with magazine, the photographer took many impactful
and famous photos, but none more than John Lennon, 5 hours before his assassination. Lennon
was taking a photoshoot to be on the cover with his wife Yoko Ono. The now famous cover was
the last photo ever taken of Lennon alive, as later that day the former Beatles star was shot
outside his apartment.

Leibovitz left the Rolling Stone in 1983, wanted to create more personal work for other
magazines. Her work saw her work with other big magazines, Vogue and Vanity Fair, as

Grossman 1

Grossman 2
well continue her work taking portraits of celebrities, taking photos of the Obamas, Gisele

Bundchen, and LeBron James. In 2007, Leibovitz found herself in controversy, suggesting that
Queen Elizabeth II remove her tiara during a portrait shoot. Just a year later, Leibovitz found
herself in hot water again, after a photoshoot with 15 year old Miley Cyrus, in which Miley’s
back was exposed. Most recently, Leibovitz photoed a heavily pregnant Serena Williams and
Caitlyn Jenner, both for Vanity Fair.

Despite the later controversies, Leibovitz’s impactful portraits of John Lennon and many
other celebrities staple her as an important figure in the photography community. Her styles of
personal reportage, of which Leibovitz develops a personal relationship with her subjects, is an
important lesson that any aspiring photographer needs to know. To take a photo, you need to
understand who or what you’re taking a photo of.

Leibovitz’ famous cover with John Lennon
and Yoko Ono. I like this photos because it
is based on an album cover and the
mimicry is beautiful.

I like this photo because of the
context and importance of this

I like this photo from the Les Miserables movie because of the artistry (the girls eyes match the
background and the use of shadows.)

I like this portrait of Frida Kahlo, mostly
because of the monkey in the background