is much more than a profession.  I
believe that in order to define nursing, it must be described in terms of its
scientific and aesthetic aspects. 
Scientifically, nursing demonstrates knowledge, skill set, and critical
thinking to an advanced degree.  This is
done in the nursing process as the nurse assesses each patient, reviews patient
histories, and uses what has been taught to provide a care plan for the patient
that is based on researched evidence. 
This task involves cooperation with a healthcare team in different environments
and requires that the nurse be able to work well within society in order to give
the patient the best possible care.  Aesthetically,
nursing is an art form that displays personable interaction, superb
communication, compassion, service, and an all-encompassing holistic patient-centered
care approach.  This is shown by setting aside
personal needs and focusing on treating every patient as a person, showing the
dignity that each man innately deserves. 
In addition, the beauty of nursing shown in caring for a culturally
diverse population proves there is a global perspective to the profession.  Overall, a professional nurse is responsible
for providing care as an advocate, teacher, and communicator between the
physician and the patient in order to promote and restore health to patients as
well as help them cope with disability and death.