Amy Beach, an American Pioneer, a
composer, and the first successful women in her career. Born with an incredible
musical gift she became a musical prodigy. She created several symphonies yet her
whimsical piano quintet in F sharp minor was created in 1908 captivated my
heart. We can see that this piece consists of three movements. First, it begins
with a slow and dark adagio introduction.  Following that we then we hear a nostalgic
melody in order that is given out by the first violin. Subsequently, the music
then reverts to the introductory theme. All this occurring in Allegro movement,
furthermore the mood remains dark and mysterious. Following is the middle
movement, which is an adagio espressivo, here we hear how it opens softly with
a quite lovely and extremely romantic melody. We can also hear how the music
remains soft and dynamic, nonetheless, we can also sense an immense emotional
intensity. In the finale, Allegro agitato, we can hear how powerful the music
starts and with an incredible force and forward motion. Here the introduction
of the second and more lyrical theme which was feverishly intensified is now diminished.
Consequently, we then hear a reintroduction of the main introduction which rather
brings a further dramatic climax.

I listened to the Piano Quintet in F-Sharp
Minor, Op 67: I. Adagio-Allegro moderato, II. Adagio espressivo, and III. Allegro agitato- Adagio
come prima-Presto. I personally liked II. Adagio espressivo,
because of its soft melody. I could feel the romanticism in her music with such
passion and intensity. While for the I. Adagio-Allegro moderato I could feel
the mystery and the darkness with what it starts with which makes this piece so
intriguing. Now for the III. Allegro agitato-Adagio come prima-presto I felt
that this piece was a little darker than the first.  As you can see, the texture of this symphony
is mainly chordal, and Beach’s piece has an overwhelming romanticism
power with great intensity as well as warmth and beauty.

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