In my opinion, Canadian cyclist, speed skater and
spokesperson, Clara Hughes has affected the lives of Canadians in an impactful
way. She is also well-known for being a spokesperson for the ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign
and Canada’s mental health movement. She is the only Canadian athlete to have
won multiple medals in both Summer and Winter Olympics. As she earns medals,
she uses the opportunity help others and she puts an effort in advocacy and
humanitarianism. In 2006, she donated $10,000 to the international
humanitarian organization called Right to Play organization that develops life
skills and promotes health and peace for the disadvantage communities. These
donations have led Canadians to raise more than $50,000 for the international
humanitarian organization that uses the money for it’s development. She donated
$ 10,000 more to the program ‘Take a Hike’, which tries to teach the risk-ridden
youth the better way to live. In 2010, she became the national spokesperson for
the Bell ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign, which is aimed to help destroy the stigma
surrounding mental illnesses. On Bell ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign speech, she discussed
the impact of the campaign and shared some resources that people can depend on
when they need to talk. After her speech, Bell announce that they will donate $
0.05 to Canada’s mental health program for each text message. She also launched
Clara’s Big Ride for Bell Let’s Talk, which is a national bicycle tour to
travel around Canada’s province and territory and meet people all over Canada,
share about their challenges and success, and discuss new ideas and
opportunities with others. She inspired Canadians to cooperate in dealing with
all mental illnesses.

Therefore, Clara Hughes gives a significant impact on society
to a lot of Canadians. She has been pursing her dreams throughout the sports, but
her ultimate goal has always been to motivate young people through her actions
and inspire others to give them hope. She helped many people who have mental
illness to grow and develop.

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