8 Detailed Tips on How to Prepare Cover LetterIntroductionCover letter or CV is an add-on to your job searching process. You need to have a good resume to impress your employer. With good resume and excellent cover letter, you will increase your chances of being selected. More often than not, poor cover letter leads to rejection, as it is the face of your profile. To check whether the rice is cooked, you do not need to check the whole rice. Even by examining one grain, you can tell whether it is cooked properly or not. Therefore, your cover letter will become that grain. In this article, we will give you eight detailed tips to prepare your cover letter.1.    Select the right formatThe first thing to consider is the format of your cover letter. Not all of the companies or fields use the same format of the cover letter. You need to do the detailed research to find the right kind of cover letter format for yourself. For example, cover letter for an engineering job is different from a modeling job. Select the field of interest. Then in that field, you will again find a number of cover letter formats. For example in engineering electronics engineer has a slightly different cover letter than a chemical engineer. By doing the narrow down technique, select the right format for your cover letter. If you are not very sure then you can contact the worker in that company to get proper idea about the format.2.    Plain and simple writingWhatever you want to write you need to keep it simple. The format used for writing should be plain and simple. Do not try to show your artistic skills in cover letters. As they are not your job’s worksheet. Some people use weird text formatting, unusual font size, emoticons and colorful writing. This is not good. This will show that you are not a professional. Avoid all the text formatting except bold letter and the underlining. Your cover letter text should look uniform throughout the letter.  3.    Be specific and to the pointDo not try to explain every point as it is not your biography or a book related to you. It is a cover letter for a job. Try to find words, which explains your sentences. For example, if you want to say, “I work for 12 hours a day without any problem” then avoid the line by using the specific yet powerful line “I am hardworking”. At first, the sentence you are limiting yourself to 12 hours a day. However, in the second sentence, you are boundless. Therefore, you are not setting a limit to yourself. 4.    Never include negative points Sometimes, people do this mistake of including negative points. It may be with or without realization. A cover letter is not a place to show your honesty. You can always explain your negative points to the employer during the personal interview. In a personal interview, you can even mention how you are planning to overcome your difficulties. It is not possible in a cover letter.5.    Keywords and skillsThis is very important part of your cover letter. It includes all your skills and abilities. To magnify your skills and abilities use the keywords as they are precise and contain a deep meaning to it. You need to use keywords, which are skill oriented. Try to use strong keywords. However, they should not be fancy. For example, if you want to say, you are good at coding then say good programming skills. You cannot say I am the don of coding. Only use those keywords, which are relevant to the job description. If you use too many keywords then you will lose your key skills among other mediocre skills. 6.    Give them what they wantThis is like playing with their psychology. Most of the interviewers and employers have certain idea and criteria to select the employees. First, you need to understand that. Then build your cover letter on that. Give everything needed by them on your cover letter by understanding their job description. Do not forcefully feed them with things, which are not necessary. You can include them only if you think they might need that information. Another important thing is an attachment. If they mention not to send, attachments then do not send any. If they ask for attachments then do not forget to send them.7.    Do not just write but build your cover letterMost people just write their cover letter by looking at other’s cover letter. It is not a good habit. You can consider other’s CV as a reference but it should not become your cover letter. Therefore, you express yourself. Highlight why and how you are the best candidate for this job. Build your cover letter in layers. Impress them with relevant skills and your experience in the field. You simple yet powerful words. If you want, you can customize your CV to look more original and authentic. Keep everything brief so that you do not reveal too much on just one point. The cover letter should reflect you in the form of words. 8.    Read it, review it and get feedbackAfter completing the writing, first, you need to read it few times by giving a gap between the readings. Then review it by analyzing. Then get an experts option or any suggestion or mistakes. You can omit suggestions but never ignore mistakes.