Controls and reporting


Internal audits

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Purpose of internal Audits

audit is a continuous process of examining and reporting the operation and
records of the organisation by its employees or an external qualified agency to
provide an independent assurance that’s an organisations risk management,
governance and internal control process are operating effectively. The basic
purpose of internal audit is as below.

Control Measure to ensure project compliance on all aspects.

Provides opportunity to overcome flaws / revisit the day to day
opportunities on third eye perspective.

Team members / stakeholders shall understand best practices /
improvements being carried out in the project for implementation in other
relevant projects.

Supports to achieve the client objectives thro’ checks and balances.

Highlights the lags / gaps in the process and the implementation, hence
an opportunity arises to bridge the gap for efficient performance.

10.1.2. Audit organisation &

Audit organisation and content is essential to achieve the purpose of
internal audit system.  The objective /
planned process of the internal audit is enumerated as below.

Gleeds shall carry out internal audit in the project, at least once in a
week during construction of NTI sites.

URC Management / URC Construction Team shall be carrying out necessary
corrective actions / Preventive actions (CAPA) based on the audit outcome.

Gleeds staff members shall be carrying out internal audit all aspects of
the project viz., HSSE, process implementation, quality control, documentation,
execution, compliance, etc.,

Gleeds Shall also audit the capability of the staff members engaged /
deputed in the project by assessing the credentials of them, and in turn
discuss with URC Management team for concerns if any.

Gleeds internal auditor shall review the implementation of the CQCP plan
and quality of ongoing works at site.

Gleeds internal auditor shall start the audit with open mind.

The auditee may / may not be informed two working days in advance the
areas that would be audited.

The good points shall be looked at first while interacting with the

Always the points shall be factual, as observed, and non-judgemental.

The auditor may set two working days for responding to the audit report.


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