B120 TMA Fall 2011 TMA will be marked out of 100 and is worth 20% of the final mark. Cut-off Date: 18th of December, 2011 Word Limit: 2400 Words Criteria for Mark Distribution Word Count Use of ESources Total marks Criteria Marks Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Referencing 10 25 20 25 10 5 5 100 marks Mark Deduction for Plagiarism Total Mark After Accounting for Plagiarism Out of 100 Plagiarism As a student at this level you should start to acquaint yourself to the penalties of copying from sources and/or from your fellow students. You should also understand that any plagiarised and/or copied assignment will result in a heavy market deduction.

The following mark deduction distribution is applicable. Percent deduction Marks deduction Complete Plagiarism/Copied Above 75% copied Deduct 60% off their total mark. 50 to 75% copied 50 to 25% Deduct 10% Below 25% Deduct 5% Zero mark. Deduct 45% Referencing It is imperative that you cite the references in the TMA properly. To do so, you ought to use the Harvard Referencing Style. Failing to comply with this rule will result in penalization by point deduction. Also, you should try to use recent and updated references instead of old ones.

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Elite Food Services Case Study Elite limited is a retail company, a major retail establishment in Australia. It has established major store throughout these countries having a wide array of consumer product lines from food to non-food, liquor, grocery items, electronics, general merchandise and many others. Elite is committed to helping sustain the communities that support its stores, not just in terms of providing jobs and services, but also in creating a wider range of opportunities to foster closer links between its stores and the communities it serves.

Elite places a high importance on supporting employees to ensure they successfully adapt to its new role and the organisation. It introduces an induction program for all trading businesses and a regular business orientation led by members of the senior management group, as well as executive transition coaches. Currently, Elite employing almost 200,000 people houses more than 3000 staff. Over 45% of this workforce is under 25 years old, and it is also the country’s largest employer of trainees and apprentices. The company’s long term goal is to have a workforce that proportionally represents Australia’s diverse population.

It drives the establishment of effective training and employment programs to enable the workforce a good access and retain jobs across all Elite business. During 2010, there was a notable reduction in labour turnover with a decrease of 4. 16% Company-wide. Supermarkets, Petrol, Liquor and Consumer Electronics were some of the key divisions that contributed to this reduction. Elite recognizes that people are crucial to its success, which is why all of its staff have access to the training, education and services they need. In 2010, Elite invested over $63 million into learning and development initiatives.

This spanned core training programs, training for new employees and leadership programs for managers and executives. As management and executive development is key to building leadership capability for the future, there were a number of programs which were effective in preparing people for more complex future roles that were also delivered during 2010. of what actions in the business reflect the qualities to complement these workshops. Typically, external recruitment focuses on specialist roles, often at its corporate support office in Norwest, Sydney.

Elite sources candidates through a variety of channels to ensure the location of best suited to the roles and Company. These include online job boards, industry magazines, recruitment agencies, employee referrals and word of mouth, career expos and press advertising. It is part of its strategy to be committed to protecting the safety, health and welfare of its employees, customers, contractors, visitors and the community. Safety is a key aspect of its business and underpins all operational activities. Elite vision for safety is ‘Destination ZERO’ – zero harm to people, environment and community.

Elite teaches people to deserve a job which includes high tolerance in customer service. Thus it has gained the confidence of customers in spite of diversity in work culture. It followed rules and regulations of the government to further strengthen its store services and as a socially responsible business organization. Elite has given the employees remarkable package in the industry including salaries and wages, bonuses, medical and dental services to gain confidence in its people. Employees have equal opportunity and are open to comments, question and suggestion that will add up to the betterment of the company.

On the other hand employees and people who are not much knowledgeable in their language that may hinder the efficiency of their work. Disabled people need more attention to learn and succeed. A deaf individual may find it hard to serve the customer’s needs however his assignment in warehouse or in maintenance somehow solved problems like this one. Elite sources in retail are highly reliable and it is highly recommend having a wider variety of resources to gain more advantage when stocks or low rates of sales have been experienced in any branches. It’s a good thing to have a substitute in times of crisis.

The stake of worldwide expansion are high, it can easily be accepted in international communities. Elite got all the people the resources and technology to expand. Consider the opportunity in the nearby countries in United Kingdom to start. It can also hire the best people in the world to work to them. This company can also expand in diverse businesses more than retail but also in real estate, production and promotion since it has already establish a strong name in marketing and sales distribution. Using its assets and financial stability it can gather support reluctantly.

Its management and human resource can establish a very strong policy to promulgate such regulation to come up with such solution. Risk management has identified the competition as a threat upon expansion. Elite can also say that the importation of supplies of goods may add up to the price of the commodities. It will also need to learn the basic laws and regulation upon expansion depending on the demographic region it has chosen to expand. Answer the following questions based on your understanding of the Elite Food Services case study. Q1.

Define SWOT analysis with appropriate examples using external resources. (200 words) Q2. Apply SWOT analysis to the HRM of Elite Food Services. (1000 words) Q3. Develop an orgainsational chart for Elite Food Services illustrating the type and the required business functions. Justify your answer. (500 words) Q4. Based on what you have learned in Book 4, as a market manager prepare a detailed plan to market the various products of Elite Food Services to increase the firm market share among other competitors in the same industry. Justify your answer. (700 words)