A Better World In today’s world, it can be very difficult to survive. The economy Is a disaster in most places around the globe. Countries are devastated with hunger, drought, natural disasters, crime, and many of other challenging things for a nation to overcome. What could you do to overcome the world’s problems, and make life a better place? You could possibly end world hunger by growing mass farms and providing free cattle for those in hunger. Maybe, you could develop massive solar panels and abolish nuclear power plants, providing free electricity for the world.

These are Just some of the things you could do to definitely change the world. Currently, right now In America there are an estimated six hundred thousand people homeless, or living in emergency shelters or housing programs. The numbers are astounding, most of these homeless people are in their position because of medical issues, or lack of work. With over half a million of people living on the streets, if they were able to work, the economy would increase by at least 14th, in my opinion. There is also a currently estimated eighteen million, six hundred thousand vacant homes in the united States.

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If these homes were available for the homeless to live In, we would see a great Improvement In our economy and the world. If I had control of these homes, I would develop a system where I would give the right for homeless to take over these homes in return for work. With these people working, the economy would effectively increase. You would see the stocks rise, labor charges decrease, food prices decrease, income tax spikes, and overall, stronger communities with the will and determination to help others.

Today, we are controlled and ran by corporate leaders. Almost everything we do, own, or how we live, Is controlled by cooperate leaders. They own, distribute, and control the basic things we need for survival, Like water and shelter. They control what we eat, where we shop, and how we live. They invest billions and billions of dollars on franchising markets, grocers, and general merchandise business. These corporations pay their Coo’s huge salaries while their employees make minimum wage.

When these corporations build their business in small and large towns, they effectively drive out small businesses by purchasing extremely cheap product In bulk, and sale to the customer at a cheaper price than small businesses. If these corporations were abolished, we would see a major spike n small business and growth in communities. We would be able to generate ridiculous amounts of money in our state and county. This would maximize funding for the things we need to survive, like farming, law enforcement, emergency response, education, our local department of transportation, and many of other agencies ran by the state.

If we were to make this happen, I believe that the trend would spread worldwide, people would see now well AT a system It Is, Ana Deign doing the same things themselves and increasing our economies all over the world. Another big issue we face, war. This world is in a battle over oil, money and power. Since the beginning of time there has been war. Millions of people have lost their lives defending their country. Corporate and country leaders sit back, watch, and enjoy the profits. This will always be a problem with the world.

We have seen our countries soldiers in the Middle East almost every day in the news for the past thirteen years. Why? Is there really a war out there? In my opinion, there is no war, just money to be made. We have been fighting this so called war for way too long. The people of America needs to stand against its government and put all of this turmoil to an end. If we could stop the war the government would save billions yearly. This money could be used in our country for the people of New Orleans who have been devastated by hurricane Strain, homeless, Jobless, hungered and all of the people in need, in this country.

We could also use this money to help others out. Instead of spending money on invading another country, and robbing it of its sources, while making enemies at the same time. We could be helping one another. This money could be invested into education in countries that have horrible, if any, education system. It could be used to build homes, farms, and power plants for people in need. If we were to do this, we would be easily be recognized as the greatest country in the world with the will to help others.

Not only would this be a great thing for us, but, the world would spread the same love and methods that we started. People would be more adapt to helping others. In generations down the line, this would become the standard way of life. People would not be hesitant at all to help one another, thus creating a better world for me, you and generations to come. The world we live in today, can be a very dark place at times. We need a change of pace, and we need to be able to observe the problems around us, and repaper for correction.

If we could change all of the things proposed, the world could truly be a better place. In our life time, I think it would be very difficult to see a major change. This is something that can take generations to accomplish, but, we need to take the right stepping stones. This world is way too beautiful to be treated the way it has over the last 200 years. We have been very destructive and disrespectful to the world. If everyone can learn to love, appreciate, enjoy, and provide for this earth like they should, the world would truly become a much better place.