What books do and what books are capable are doing. Slamming books on the table are horrible. Words have the ability to change. Books can make things change. Books have scared ways to change society. She refers to the second person you like she is addressing the person like instruction like her parents are talking to her. The Indians see the interconnectedness of everything. Nothing Is separate. The book Is not separate from the tree. Respect must be paid to a book. Stanza break and indention…. We need to look at line breaks. A voice of instruction… A voice of aggression Oppressor is the English..

The colonial English who came into India and plundered the riches. The oppressor took advantage of the wealth. If the language of itself is oppressors by the English Colonial Oppressor. Like the Oppressor stood the Indian Culture. In concoction….. Language has great beauty and power but also can be a force of destruction ND power. Language can be beautiful but it also can lead people to murder. Final sentence of how does this happen… How do the unborn grandchildren love the new language…. Is It the language of the Bristles Oppressor… Very aggressive Impressions… ћ.

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How did we allow this to happen, after all of this how did we allow this to happen f The poem is about the power of words.. These form stories and the stories form history.. She tries to reclaim some of the history form the story of the oppressed.. In conclusion… Tree difference between cultures remains around. In conclusion, Strata Bath conveys a difference between the cultures by utilizing the voice of Instruction In her poem to demonstrate the Importance of respect In traditional India versus the new global world.

Her use of aggressive language Is used to In order to tell a story that India has lost It’s history by becoming global. The reader discovers a reconciliation at the end of the poem as Bath is a product of two cultures. Seen reels plan Tort want napped to IANAL In ten past Ana wants Animals to recognize their traditional cultures yet she writes and speaks in English which is the oppressors language. Bath herself has become globalize. Bath herself is conflicted. She has become the future generation she talks about which is contradictory to the story she is telling.