“a true leader has the self assurance to stand on my own, the braveness to make hard choices, and the compassion to pay attention to the desires of others,” said Douglas MacArthur. within the Odyssey via Homer, Odysseus indicates those tendencies and many more in the course of his journey home to Ithaca after preventing inside the Trojan warfare. Odysseus must brave monsters, Cyclopes, giants and extra, however he is dedicated to returning domestic to his wife and son. even though most effective Odysseus makes it domestic in the long run, he is able to give hope to his team that they may all go back to Ithaca. Many key alternatives are made all through the journey, and Odysseus proves he can make the proper ones. Odysseus is absolutely dedicated closer to making it domestic to Ithaca, and does something he have to do to make it domestic. these traits show Odysseus is a splendid leader.        in keeping with Jon Gordon, creator of The distinction among right and wonderful management, “awesome leaders inspire human beings to accept as true with in themselves.” Even after one, five, and ten years of being at sea, Odysseus keeps his team optimistic and makes them honestly believe all of them may be capable of see their home of Ithaca over again. the general public, after seeing their comrades being eaten by means of Cyclopes, giants, and a six-headed monster, might surrender desire and accept as true with their journey changed into not possible. but, Odysseus suggests real management by using looking past those setbacks and provoking his men to maintain sailing in the direction of Ithaca. within the tale, “Scylla and Charybdis,” six of Odysseus’ guys are plucked off their ship and eaten through the monster, Scylla. The men are horrified and are frozen in vicinity, but Odysseus encourages them to hold rowing. handiest due to Odysseus’ management, the guys were given out of the strait of Scylla and Charybdis. Odysseus is not most effective a super leader at sea, however he’s a awesome leader in Ithaca. when Odysseus is speakme to Telemachus in Eumaeus’ hut, Telemachus is dubious they are able to overthrow all the suitors and is unconvinced the gods will help. Odysseus speaks to Telemachus, telling him it’s far possible and they will be successful. He additionally says Athena and Zeus will assist them. Telemachus remains dubious, but Odysseus’ resourceful plan and his self assurance encourage Telemachus to consider what became concept to be impossible was well within their reach, displaying what a super leader Odysseus is.        Making the proper selections is an critical component of being a great chief. in line with Larina Kase, writer of terrific Leaders are notable decision-Makers, “excellent leaders frequently say that they go along with their intestine to make decisions. they are able to consider themselves and their expertise and no longer get stuck in the cycle of over-questioning.” Odysseus makes many on-the-spot choices which are important for his journey domestic to Ithaca. at the island of the Cyclops, Polyphemus, Odysseus gets caught within the Cyclops’ cave. Any ordinary guy would have given up as soon as he noticed the Cyclops eating his men -at-a-time, but Odysseus does not. He directly formulates a awesome plan to break out the cave. Odysseus first wounds Polyphemus in the attention, which results in Polyphemus yelling for assist. but, Odysseus tells the Cyclops his call is “Nohbdy,” so the other Cyclopes best pay attention nothing is inaccurate. Then, while the blinded Polyphemus is sitting through the wide-open cave entrance, Odysseus ties his men below 3 sheep each. Polyphemus does now not be aware the guys are coming with the sheep out of the cave, and lets them move. simplest a real chief should concentrate to their instinct and forge a strategy as quick as Odysseus did. returned in Ithaca, Odysseus stays a brief thinker. Odysseus need to overthrow 108 suitors in order to reclaim his home, however he must no longer screen his identification or else the suitors will kill his son and himself. So, Odysseus bureaucracy yet some other cunning plan. he’s going to enter his domestic dressed as a beggar so neither the suitors nor his spouse will understand him. Telemachus is to move domestic as well, but inform no considered one of Odysseus’ return. He is also to position all the suitors’ guns in a garage room besides for some for Odysseus and himself. Odysseus will later screen himself, and kill the suitors who will be stuck off defend at his surprising look. due to Odysseus’ brief decisions and potential to go with his instinct, the plan works and Odysseus is reunited with his wife.