I remember the day when mom died Like It was yesterday you had no Idea what was going to happen; you were more unconcerned about the girls than yourself. You were forced to move Into an abusive home where you were mentally and emotionally abused dally. You had an alcoholic father who didn’t give a rat’s ass, but you would turn around and tell your sisters life will get better. I know you striver to keep elite as normal for you girls as possible even when you moved eight times In four years.

Then you finally fought for your self you proved that you were determined to go to college and live a different life then o were brought into. You taught the girls everything they needed to know, you showed them to be independent and only rely on their selves. This was the key for you that they would be ready to be without you when you go away for college. When things were finally turning around for you, life was good you got accepted to college’s you seemed as though you knew you had the future in your hands. Life seemed perfect nothing else could possibly go wrong.

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But then it flips and someone had to take that all away from you. He crushed you right there on that cold January night in the mall parking lot, he tried to take away your dignity and self respect and self worth he wanted you to think you were worthless. I know you didn’t think life was worth it, I know you tried to kill your self but when it didn’t work you knew that you needed help and that you were worth getting the help. You got help and are recovering everyday. It wont change over night but in time it will.

I know people have said to you what? Why would you let that happen or why didn’t you report it? You must have been asking for it. Maryanne don’t listen to those people they have no idea what its like they heaven had to walk down the same path as you, they don’t know what the after affects are like, they don’t know that your completely afraid of the dark or that you are Jumpy or that you pull over if someone has followed you for more than two miles. They don’t understand It at all; It was In no way or shape your fault you didn’t deserve it.

Well I sit here and write out this letter I realize that you have matured Into this dutiful adult, you are so much stronger than you think you are you deserve way more credit then you give yourself. You are so determined you won’t stop until you finish. You are extremely caring and patience, you have a great sense of humor and love to make people laugh. You have a real understanding of who you are and where life Is taking you. Maryanne remember where you came from and look how far you have come don’t let anyone knock you down you are very capable of surpassing what life throws at you.