Through out my life I somehow find myself being put into situations that Just end up causing aggravation and pain to me and others around me. It Just makes me wonder why they really had to happen but, I can honestly say these situations do teach me a few lessons. I always end up learning a couple things as I am going through them and also as time goes on after everything Is over with. They help shape my views In life and how I will react to future situations. There have been many of these life changing situations, but this one experience with the police has cause a lot of detached and mixed thoughts in my life.

It has also affected many people around me and will be with me till I die. That night I got arrested for driving while drinking showed that I had to change to avoid myself from getting into a hole? in life. Everything started on a randomly Thursday night when close friends of mines called and invited me to eat join them at a local Flanagan restaurant. Since it was close to my house, it was no problem to go there to hang out and eat. My friend, Jonathan, had told me that everyone would be there around 8 pm and asked me to kick him up.

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I started to get ready around 7:30 so I could be at the restaurant on time. I decided to wear a nice black long sleeved shirt with dark blue pants. It looked casual yet pretty elegant. Checked myself out In the mirror. Then I headed out of my house to pick up Jonathan. I got to Flanagan only about 15 minutes late and once I reached the table I saw 2 pitchers of beer already ordered and just sitting there waiting for us to drink them. I expect to drink this night, but 2 or 3 beers really do me much harm. Those 2 pitchers emptied out in a tater of minutes, so we decided to order a couple more.

I was feeling buzzed from the several cups of beer I had consumed. This caused me to feel very awake and hyper and it inspired me to mention to my friends this nightclub I knew about. They thought it was a good Idea, so we finished up the drinks we had left, paid the bill, and headed out to the parking lot. A couple of my friends hopped Into my car considering that It was a lot smarter to carpool than to go In separate cars. So now we were on our way to the night club. I decided to have the music blasting as I made my way to he nightclub.

Everyone inside the car seemed to be having the time of their lives as they danced in their seats and screamed at the top of their lungs. It was already an enjoyable night and it cross my mind that it would end so soon. I was driving in a hurry and I worry about getting into trouble for speeding or driving recklessly. I was almost at the nightclub when a cop stopped at a streetlight saw me speeding and decided to pull me over. When I first realized that a cop was pulling me over, my heart dropped and I started to panic. A million of excuses started to fly through my head because I knew I was going to get into trouble.

As the cop was pulling me over, I turned down the radio and flagged off my friends to calm down and to be quiet. I pulled to the side and the officer approached the car. I saw him In my rear view mirror as he got closer to my window. He asked me to lower my window, and then asked for my license, registration, and proof of my Insurance. I handed it to him and waited for his next order. Everything seemed fine until he asked IT I Ana Eden rallying Tanat nil NT. I emulate eave 2 Deere out Tanat I Lana on drinking anymore that night. He had a hard time believing me, so he ordered me to step out of my vehicle.

I walked out of my car all ashamed and he asked me to stand by the front of my car. The officer then instructed me to do a couple of test to see how intoxicated I was and if I was able to still use my motor skills on point. I walked in a straight line putting my heel to the tip of my other foot; I followed a little light with only my eyes moving, and touched the tip of my nose with my finger tips as he called out a direction. It seemed as if I was passing these test thou a problem until he told me to put my hands behind my back and he placed the handcuffs on me.

My head was filled with confusion and embarrassment since I was getting arrested in front of all my friends and people passing by on the busy street. I never really thought that I would ever be placed in the back of a cop car and better yet, not even go to Jail. The cop walked me to the back seat of his car and asked me to get in. Then he went to my car again and said something to my friends, who were still waiting in the car. He returned to the cop car and drove away from the scene. I really sure what to think anymore.

I kept thinking about what I was going to tell my parents and how Jail was going to be. All these thoughts kept rumbling inside my head. It was getting frustrating and I was close to Just breaking down until the officer stopped the car and opened my door. I looked around and noticed it the police station. I got even more confused and he took off my handcuffs and gave me back my belongings. He told me that he noticed I was? that drunk, but he could tell at the moment I really thinking correctly. The officer told me I was good to go and he had Just wanted to teach me a Essen.

Next time it going to be a nice officer and I was going to end up in Jail as I thought I was headed tonight. He had told my friends where to go and they were there waiting for me. I walked to the car embarrassed and got in. I demanded they drive away and go home. Not only did this event scare me, but it made me realize that I got lucky and if I kept it up I could end up in Jail or worse, I could end up dead. The car ride home was a very quiet one and everyone was Just trying to grab a hold of what Just happened. I want to see another cup of beer or any type of alcohol around me for a while.

I noticed as I drove for the next couple of weeks after that even though I was sober, I was paranoid about the cops and of getting into trouble. That had me driving extra careful and being aware of my surroundings more. Till this day now, I once drunk a beer and got behind the wheel of my car to start driving. This situation made me realize how dangerous that really can be. At some point grateful it happened to me and I learned this way instead of getting fully arrested or even crashing. It has changed my life and now I see things more seriously. This has been the most life changing of them all.