According to Charles Graeber, there are over 60,000 Americans who are in need of kidneys—that is to say, there is an unavailability of the said organ and most likely, the need for it would be increasing. If Americans alone need that much, what about the rest of the world?

What people should notice and give attention to is not addressing the issue of supplying the kidneys needed for the transplant. It is true that there are 8 billion people in the world, and majority have two kidneys while some are suffering or are in the brink of death because they need a kidney—one single solitary kidney to make their bodies function well.

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However, humans were born with two kidneys, and as much as anyone should not kill, they should also not give their body parts away as if they own them. After all, it was God who created man, and man should have absolutely no say about the kidney transplant or organ donation for that matter. However, it seems selfish and unrighteous to deny another person of life or the extension of it—a body part that the original organ owner does not necessarily wholly need.