Tradition are tales of the macabre, sinister events which are often linked to racism, poverty or violence; characters that are beset by mystery, strange happenings, murder, just things that are eerie. In the William Faulkner short story “A Rose for Emily’, the character of Miss Emily Grievers is a fitting character of the Southern Gothic tradition because he takes the image of a damsel in distress and transformed it into Emily. She is a psychologically damaged spinster.

Her instability ND necrophilia have made her an emblematic Southern Gothic heroine. .” (Sparseness Editors, 2007). She Is a woman who seems to be obsessed with death. Miss Emily seems to go insane after her father dies. When she greets the women who come to her house to offer condolences, she Is dressed as she usually Is and acts as If everything Is normal. She keeps her father’s dead body for three days which Illustrates Southern Gothic writings because It is showing the ugliness of the character Emily and it is also illustrating death and decay. “She told them her father was not dead.

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She did that for three days. ” (Faulkner, 2010, Para. 27). . There were other instances that showed Miss Emily was mentally ill, like when the deputy came to collect taxes and she says “See Colonel Sartorial. I have no taxes in Jefferson” (Faulkner, 2010, Para. 14) when in fact he had been dead for almost ten years. These are all examples of what some Southern Gothic writings are like. Emily appearance seems to transform as she becomes more unstable. She transforms from a slender figure too “small, fat woman”. “She looked bloated, like a body long Bamberger In motionless water, and of that pallid hue. (Faulkner, 2010, Para. 6) These are the perfect descriptions for a person who Is seemingly going Insane; you can almost picture the eeriness of her which also Is a prime example of Southern Gothic writings. In staying with the Southern Gothic tradition.

In conclusion, the short story “A Rose for Emily’ Is a about great loss, tragedy and loneliness. Like the townspeople, I too, feel sadness and pity for Emily. I know what great loss feels like and how it can make you lose your mina . Stutters ten loss AT a very close Eternal Ana almost lost my NASDAQ to a terrible accident. I had no idea if my husband was going to live or die while he lay in a coma in the hospital for a month. So I can relate to Emily being this normal, beautiful woman at one time and then slowly descending into mental illness.