College is supposed to be a time of self exploration; a time to investigate our own independence, along with the possibilities for a future career. For a great many of us, college comes directly after high school; and for some, this works out perfectly as they are mature enough and driven enough to fall comfortably into the rhythm of the college experience. For others, however, this age is far too young to be committing to the pursuit of a higher education; we may go directly from high school but we are alarmingly unprepared and quickly drown in our newfound independence. It’s not surprising that the first year of college results in so many people being academically dismissed for bad grades or choosing to leave college on their own. But this doesn’t mean that the pursuit of a college degree has to be over for good.

Rather, adults around the country are rediscovering their desire to earn a college degree – regardless of the career they may have found for themselves – and pursuing their dreams through an online degree. The online degree has made a second chance possible for many adults who had to forgo college the first time around – or were just too unprepared to be successful. While these same adults may balk at driving back to campus and sitting with students – that are in some cases far younger than themselves – through classes, they are able to achieve the same objectives with an online degree.

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Reputable colleges and universities are now offering online degree programs to meet the needs of non-traditional students. Once enrolled, online degree students can “attend” classes online, logging on to complete reading, read lectures, take tests, and submit papers and essays. Most importantly, an online degree allows students to complete this work during time frames that work best for them; so that they can balance their present day life with their dreams of the past.