A vacation is a furlough from an employment or an excursion typically for the intention of recreation or tourism. Individuals frequently take a vacation in the course of a holiday observances or for specific occasions or events. Despite that, traveling can be complicated due to planning; you have to narrow your decisions on reasons why you want to go that particular location. The reasons may vary and it differs for every person. Moreover, those reasons categorize in different sorts like a romance getaway, exploring your fantasy destination, family quality time, and educational encounters.One purpose as to why individuals go on vacation is to commemorate with a romance getaway; although there are multiple types of celebrations, you can choose your best alternative. Specifically, a honeymoon, an anniversary, a couples retreat and many more. This sort of vacation give couples a chance to be alone, de-stress, and revive their love or build a stronger relationship but it can also be adventurous. Otherwise stated that this sort of vacation could be anywhere in the earth as long as you’re with your significant other, it is going to be a trip to remember. Incidentally, my recent vacation with my significant other was a couple of months ago to celebrate an anniversary and his birthday at a destination known as “The City That Never Sleeps” Las Vegas, Nevada. We chose that destination for a few reasons mainly because we both never gone and it was his 21st birthday. We decided to stay there for at least two or three days on weekdays rather than the weekend due to how crowded it gets. Going on weekdays was probably the best choice we made we had plenty of time to explore sin-city; we walked to almost every hotel and gambled in each for more than an hour. Although before arriving to Vegas, we felt so enthusiastic but once we arrived, it was not what we expected it to be. Besides, we did get to de-stress plenty, have fun and the best part was having a chance to be alone together. Hence, I look forward to more romance getaways just to have quality time together due to having a child on the way. A dream destination vacation lets individuals have an opportunity to go on vacation somewhere or do something they generally dreamed. Many individuals want to go see the Eiffel tower in Pairs, see a Broadway play in New York City or go to a foreign country. There is a variety of options, which is difficult to choose only one destination you will never want to leave. Concisely, you can dream as much as you want however, it won’t be until you go to that one destination and stumble on if it is what you have dreamed of. Therefore, like all other human beings I to have a dream destination. Although, I have nevergone on a dream vacation I hope one day I will. My dream vacation is to go on a cruise line called Cunard. It provides the opportunity to travel through everything from throng conurbation to secluded villages over a course of three months.  However, since it is a bit pricy I certainly think I would never get a chance to experience it. Thus, to be more realistic the one main place where I always wanted to see and spend some time with nature, a place that can offer me immense bliss and happiness, a time for relaxing and regaining energy is the Maldives. In my perspective, it appears like a paradise on earth. Family Vacation is personally my all-time favorite sort of trip. Typically, many families go for the perceive vacation, for instance, Florida or Cancun. It is determined for the entire family to relax and spend quality time together, which may not be possible at home. May not be possible due to parents working and kids attending school though out the year meaning summer time is probably the only time available. However, summer will quickly be ending for most families also meaning fewer opportunities for family time; hence having a vacation is the perfect opportunity for family bonding. In addition being on vacation provides numerous distractions that occur in daily life such as an employment, tasks, practices and the list goes on. It also distracts children from their electronics just long enough to be able to spend quality time together. However, to keep kids engage you do not need to occupy with enormous amusement parks, in fact, going to the beach, visiting museums and small amusement parks are a few ways to enjoy and relax on a family vacation. Briefly, all that matters is that you have fun and enjoy anywhere you are. Therefore, my family and I go on vacation together at least two times every year. Every vacation has its moments and creates many memories, which is why I love going on family vacations. Family vacations are important to me because we never get to spend quality time together at home since everyone is always busy with something throughout the year even in the summer. Anyhow, we try our best to have a whole week off in summer to travel and spend quality time together. Thus, I would like to create many memories while I can. Moreover, one of my recent family vacation was to South Padre Island, we went to a small water park and enjoyed ourselves every way we can, took a walk and relaxed at the beach, and did many more activities to entertain ourselves. When at the waterpark we usually follow each other but the best thing about it is when we get together to eat. We all sit at one large table to eat and talk about our day, funny moments that happen and what we will do later that day. Briefly, family vacation is a time I get to enjoy quality time together to have fun and relax without any real world distractions. Another kind of vacation is to travel for work or educational purposes. Some schools may offer programs that allow students the opportunity to study, work abroad or to learn a new language or culture. I was once offered to go with a program named close up to Washington DC during my high school years.  Since it was a one in a lifetime opportunity for me, I attended and so did a few of my other friends. Close up is a program like no other it was a perfect mixture of learning and fun. I learned more than I ever thought I could they offered exciting, challenging and unforgettable activities from visits of famous sites to meeting with government officials and experiencing the government. Although the only thing I disliked was my nights, which occurred of having discussions and debates to reinforce what we learned and experienced throughout that day. However, the one thing I enjoyed the most was attending with friends from my school and meeting new people from around the world. To sum up, despite the difficulties of planning your vacation they are a way to escape from your life in the real world for a short period and enjoy yourself.  Whether it is to celebrate a romance, visit your dream destination, spend quality time with family or for education encounters, it will be a trip to remember regardless. Although I did not list every type of vacation some others are a single getaway, go sightseeing, celebrate an occasion or holiday observances or for voluntarism and many more.