A cell consists many of the components,
which is the nucleus, the Golgi apparats, the cytoplasm, lysosomes, plasma
membrane, the endo reticulum, Mitochondrion. Each of these parts of cell plays
a different role.


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The nucleus is a rounded, spherical and It is the largest
structure inside the cell. The function of the nucleus is very important
because it controls what the cell does and it contains genetic material such as
DNA and it also controls the cell growth.



cell membrane is a thin double layer sheet of lipids around the cell, it is
also found in plant and animal cells. The function of the cell membrane is to
protect the integrity of the interior of the cell by allowing certain
substances into the cell and allowing some substances out of the cell,
underneath the cell membrane comes another watery fluid called the cytoplasm.


The cytoplasm is a gel like material
outside the cell nucleus in which the organelles are located, Inside of the
cytoplasm are some complex sugars such as melanin. The cytoplasm protects the
genetic material of the cell from any damage received from movements. The
function of the cytoplasm is to provide a structure to the cell and a place for
all the components of the cell to sit and to also provide a place for things
like growth to take place.


The Lysosome can be found in all parts of
the cell function, the lysosomes can travel freely throughout the cell by
releasing their contents so that they can destroy the damaged or an old
organelles. They also destroy bacteria and other foreign materials after
destroying the foreign materials the lysosomes then releases the broken down



•             Chromosomes


•             Mitochondria

The mitochondria is a
spherical, rod-shaped bodies which is scattered in the cytoplasm and concerned
with energy release. The mitochondria main function is to produce energy that
cells can use

•             Endoplasmic reticulum,

There are two types of
endoplasmic , there is smooth and rough The Endoplasmic reticulum functions is
to carry the essential substances from one part of the cell to another, The ER
is a branching network that fills the cell interiors.

•             Ribosomes,

Ribosomes is found in
many places around the cell

•             Golgi apparatus

The Golgi apparatus is a
flattened, fluid-filled sacs stacked like pancakes. Its function is to sort the
proteins that is being made in the cell, the Golgi apparatus is also
responsible for producing lysosomes.


Tissues are a group of similar cells which carries
out a specific function. There is four different tissues such as:







The connective tissue is the most widely
spread in the body, there are different connective tissue of:

BloodBoneCartilage areolarTissue Adipose tissue


The blood consists of straw – colored
plasma in which many types of blood cells carried. One of the most common cells
in the plasma is the red blood cell. The Lymphocytes are the smaller white
blood cells with a clear cytoplasm.

The Cartilage is a smooth, firm substance
that protects the bone ends from rubbing during movements and it also forms a
big part of the nose and ear flaps which is called Pinnae.  

The Bone is a harder substance than
cartilage Bone if made to stand weight and the limb bones are hollow. Bone is
also used to protect vital weaker tissues such as the brain, Heart and Lungs.

The nervous tissue is only found in the
nervous system and is consist of the brain. Receiving the stimuli from both
external and internal sources.

The nervous system is composed of the
neurons and neuroglia.

The neurons is a highly specialized nerve
cells that transmit nervous impulses, the neurons is only exist in the brain
and the spinal cord.

The neuroglia interacted with neurons in
the brain and the spinal cord which offers support and protection.



The areolar tissue protects the organs and
connects different tissues and supports the blood vessels.