A few times before 2015 UN refugee agency reported that at least six people were forced to leavetheir home and country in every 60 seconds. But the average has raised four times because of thewars that make 24 people leaving their homes each minute in 2015. A total 65.3 million peoplelost their home at the end of 2015,compared to 59.5 million just 12 months earlier.1 Refugee campsare generally develop in an fashion with the aim of meeting the basic human needs self-materialization, honor, love, safety, physiology for only a short time. But in maximum time thehealth and sanitation facilities of a refugee camp isn’t sufficient. There is no sufficient food forrefugees in camps. Enduring lack of nutrition makes refugees sick and more prehensile to a varietyof infections and illnesses. Most refugee camps do not have enough food to provide to theirpopulations. So refugees are frequently reliant on humanitarian aid. It is not only the quantity offood that is insufficient. The lack of food variety, fruits, and vegetables causes many refugees tosuffer from deficiencies in vital vitamins and minerals, which can lead to a variety of diseases. Theprovision of suitable sanitation services is crucial to prevent catching diseases and epidemics whileensuring good health and self-respect. Though the importance of having adequate latrines is welldocumented, still 30% of refugee camps do not have adequate waste disposal services or latrines.21 http://www.unhcr.org/news/latest/2016/6/5763b65a4/global-forced-displacement-hits-record-high.html2 www.uniteforsight.org/refugee-health/module3#_ftn16In case of sustainable solution to the health and sanitation problem in refugee camp, Republic ofUganda emphasizes the need for international community intervention. The countries who’s areresponsible for making refugee should take back their people as soon as possible and for this theforeign countries need to pressurize the countries who are creating this refugee crisis. The countrieswhich have spare lands and few population should take some of the refugees to their country withthe help of UN and give them field of work associated with their skills . So that they can maketheir own living. Sustainable toilets should make to prevent communicable diseases and epidemics.Vaccination should apply on new members of refugee camps first so that the others won’t getaffected by any kind of fatal diseases from them and we all know that prevention is better thancure. The doors and windows on opposite sides of the room should be opened to ensure a good airflow. So the weather won’t get filthy in refugee camp. Deep tube well and rain water collectingsystem should set for pure water.Some countries eventually proposed to take back refugees where most of the refugees are notwilling to go back again because of the fear that the government or their military force of theircountry would not give their rights and security. In that case, Uganda thinks a peacekeepingmission is an obvious solution but the countries look not willing to accept any intervention ofUnited Nations. In this sort of situation, Uganda believes a part of peacekeeping mission that canbe stated as United Nations Observer Mission (UNOMIM) can help to solve the crisis initially bynegotiating with the Government of the countries that can lead the mission to the full form of thepeacekeeping mission with proper mandate and under certain legislative law enforced by theDepartment of Peacekeeping Mission (DPKO) which will bring sustainable rehabilitation of therefugees. If we can prevent making refugees than we don’t have to think about the health andsanitation mechanism in refugee camp.