A stakeholder is anyone with an interest in a business. Stakeholders
are individuals, groups or organisations that are affected by the activity of
the business. This consists of: owners, managers, workers, customers,
suppliers, lenders and the local community. There are 2 different types of
stakeholders, internal and external. An example of internal stakeholders within
a business are owners and employees, external employees are groups outside a
business, an example of this is the local community. (BusinessDictionary, 2017)

One of the most important stakeholders within an
organisation are employees. This is because employees are the ones who produce
and supply the products or services that the customers consume. If a business
loses or upsets their greatest employee’s then customer service will suffer they
need to be careful on how to treat employees.

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There are many aspirations or objectives that employees want
from a business they work for. The first one I will be discussing is the job
security. Employees sometimes worry if they will lose their job at any given
time due to some decisions that the business makes. This is why one of their
main goals as stakeholders, to know if their job is in danger. If the business
is making choices that could risk in the employees in the lower rank to lose
their job, they will lose interest in the business an end up moving to
competitors. For example if a Tesco employee thought that some choices made by
someone in the senior ranks was putting his job at risk, he might not want to
question it and will eventually leave Tesco and will most likely apply for
their rivals such as Asda or Morrison’s. This is because employees need
long-term job security in order for the business to get the best outcome from
each employee, in this case both sides win.

Another typical aspiration of employees as stakeholders is
their pay. Employees are mainly concerned on their present and future financial
security. Most employees in all businesses have the same worries about how much
they earn and when they get paid by the business. This means that the choices
that the management department make can affect these concerns and this is
important to the employees so the business should lookout on what moves they
are making. As a result, employees also worry about the financial status of the
business and not only about their own.

Another aspiration is that the employees want to feel like
they’re a part of the organisation. Some managers don’t like giving people in
the lower rank responsibilities but employees try and gain their trust and by
doing this they feel like their part of the organisation. In addition to this,
employees as stakeholders also expect flexibility during all times when working
in a business. Employees appreciate when they have a say on when they think
they should work and not. This is benefit for both them and the business, for
example if a Tesco employee works the hours and days that meets their needs,
they will then work up to their full potential. This is beneficial for the
business because if all their staff are coming to work with a positive
mind-set, the business will grow and eventually increase revenue due to the
fact that everyone’s completing all their tasks correctly.