The recent advancements in
technology and the availability of the Internet make it possible to
connect various devices that can communicate with each other and
share data. The Internet of Things (IOT) is a new concept that allows
users to connect various sensors and smart devices to collect
real-time data from the external environment.

IOT is able
to give advanced level of services to society, business. Things get
interesting when smart devices combined with smart services to create
compound application. IOT
devices can be used in many fields. They make the users’ day-to-day
life more comfortable.
can be used in different areas such as manufacturing or business,
retailing and security.

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population is increasing day by day, caretaker demands are also
increasing. Hence patient health checking systems are gaining
importance these days. It’s important to
monitor various medical parameters. Hence the IOT can play a major
role in Healthcare applications. Different
sensors are used to collect temperature, blood pressure, sugar level
etc., which are used to check the health condition of the patient.
Communicating the collected information to the doctor, making correct
decision on the data collected and notifying the patient is the
challenging task in the IOT.

Healthcare, Internet of Things.


is one of the most important challenges for human being. In hospitals
there are doctors and caretakers for continuous monitoring the
patients. Their ECG, heartbeat, temperature are continuously
monitored. There is no provision to check the parameters when the
patients return to home. Patient’s data (temperature, heart rate,
ECG, position) can be often measured and sent to server. Period of
transmission can be set. Using webpage, doctor can view his patient’s
health status. When any of the parameter goes beyond the threshold
value he will get an alert notification.

is very important part in our daily life. Internet has changed how
people live, work, play and learn. It serves for much purpose
finance, educations, Business, Entertainment, Industries, Shopping,
Social Networking, etc. Internet of Things (IOT) is the next new mega
system of Internet. This visualizes a world where several objects can
sense, communicate, share information over an Internet Protocol (IP).
The objects which are connected collect the data, analyze and used to
start required action which provides an intelligent network for
analyzing, planning and decision- making. It is generally considered
as connecting objects to the Internet and using that connection for
control and remote monitoring of those objects. This definition was
only a part of IOT evolution considering the machine to machine
market today. Actual definition of IOT is creating a brilliant
invisible network which can be controlled and planned through
internet. Products developed based on IOT including embedded
technology which allows them to exchange information among each other
or the Internet and it is assumed that around 8 to 50 billion devices
would be connected by the end of 2020. Since these devices come
online, they provide better life style, create safer, more engaged
communities and revolutionized healthcare. This entire concept of IOT
stands on wireless network, sensors and gateway, which enables user
to communicate and access the application/information so add to an
IOT framework which gives secure health awareness checking.
IOT technology has a huge amount of data about human, objects, time
and space. By combining the current Internet technology and IoT
provides a large amount of space and smart service based on low-cost
sensors and wireless communication.