Form of coupons, point of sale discounts and mail-in Rebates should be divided into two considerations: 1) Sales incentives that will not result In a loss to the company if the customer redeems them 2) Sales incentives that will result in a loss if the customer redeems them Promotional Items (Free Items or heavily discounted Items) If these Items are delivered to the customer at the time of sale, Essential should record as dilation cost of goods sold, not as a reduction In revenue, because the ere product does not represent a return, refund, or rebate of a portion of the sales price paid by the customer.

Point and Loyalty Programs Customers can redeem specified quantities of points for awards such as free or discounted products. For this situation, Essential should not deferred revenue related to points awarded to customers. Part Two: Development cost Application Development Costs – Can we capitalize them? We should track the nature and amount of the application development cost that they incur, and they need to implement procedures to ensure appropriate reporting f such costs.

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Application development activities generally fall into these stages: 1) Planning stage activities. 2) Application and Infrastructure development stage actively. 3) Operating stage activities. Part Three: sales return and gift card Right of return: (New revenue recognition rules) revenue should not be recognized for goods expected to be returned, and a liability should be recognized for expected refunds to customers. The refund liability should be updated each reporting period for changes in expected refunded.

Gift card: agonize a contract liability for the amount of the prepayment and dereliction the liability and recognize revenue when it fulfills the performance obligation (gift card credits) Marketing Issues: The success of the proposed venture will depend In a number of factors. Based on the draft proposal presented, the primary goals for Essentials In the deployment of Integrated customer sales channels Is for purposes of providing customers with effective tools that are not only capable of improving their shopping experience, but also Dull a long-term relations Walt tenet Dragon.

I Nell ton Increasing the firm’s profitability Collection of data on customer trends and preferences And escalating store foot traffic Speed Is of the Essence ere goals Include: Speed is of an essence when it comes to attracting a significant number of customers. The importance of speed on mobile phones cannot be underestimated. The website is regularly examined to enhance the speed of surfing through the Internet. 0 Numbers of customers use Smartness to conduct their business online increase. Security (Confidential information of customers)

It is worth noting that one factor that has hindered effective implementation of e- services in the contemporary society is increased cyber crime. Advertisement in physical stores and on line stores The organization engages in extensive advertisement to market products. Conducting an extensive marketing campaign App design includes appearance, connectivity, online payment methods, and barded scanning. Atmosphere, lights, sense in physical stores and customer services. Marketing Mix the ups (product, price, place, promotion)