I have always been very good with numbers and much to my arenas’ pleasure very good with money. I enjoy creating budgets and looking at the best uses for money. I also love how accounting tends to build on itself, but always come back to the same basic principles no matter what form of accounting you are using. Growing up and to this day I have always created a budget with my money (whether It be allowance, high school part-time Jobs, or financial aid) and I am the person who will literally update it on a dally basis.

I also Like the idea that the In the accounting field the rules and regulations are ever changing which means a constant need to learn new things. Even though In most ways accounting Is a continuation of a previous step, with Important information changing constantly It provides the opportunity for career growth and an opportunity to continue learning even after my undergraduate or graduate school career is technically over. The attention to detail I have always put into most aspects of life, including my money and budgeting flows exceptionally well into the accounting field.

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Attention to detail and a love of numbers are listed as two very important skills needed to be successful as an accountant. The importance of these two skills almost overlap in that dealing with numbers has little room for error, and without an attention to detail things can easily fall through the cracks. Other skills listed as requirements for accounting are good communication skills and a desire to continue learning. I have always been able to communicate on various levels with people of all authority levels and backgrounds. I have no problem saying what I need to say and doing It In an appropriate manner.

I have also never had a problem communicating work related information to other co- workers in a manner in which they understand. As far as a desire to continue earning, it has always been a running joke in my parents’ house that they felt I would never graduate college because I would be a “perpetual learner,” meaning that I love to know information of all forms. When engaging in conversation or even class work I like to know everything possible which works well when the tools you use as an accountant tend to change periodically. There are also various “learned” skills that are important to accounting.

These include computer skills, high level math skills, analytic thinking and the ability to keep up with ever changing rules and regulations. All of these skills fall wealth my personality. I may not be a computer science genius, but when It comes to figuring out computers and using most software I have no Issues. On the math front I have always been naturally good at math and I feel that analytical skill go hand-in-hand with being good at math. Lastly, the ability to keep up Witt canalling rules Ana regulations Is something I already Keep track AT .

I nave always been a “color inside the lines” kind of person. I play by the rules and like to make sure that I keep with that as to not cross any lines. The area of accounting that interests me most is Healthcare Accounting. I am not ere if it is the pre-medical student in me or the notion that no matter what happens hospitals will never go away that drives me to pursue a career in this area. My goal is to start out working as an accountant for a small hospital and eventually work my way into hospital administration.

I would eventually like to be the Chief Financial Officer of a hospital in a small town. I am fortunate enough to have the Chief Executive Officer of a hospital in Austin, Texas helping me along the way and in a meeting with her it was mentioned that accounting would be the best way for me personally to accomplish those goals. For this type of accounting the primary focus is to keep track of the expenses of the hospital. As simple as that may sound, it is the truth. There is a significant need in healthcare for all of the numbers to line up. An error could be detrimental in numerous ways.

The tasks an entry-level accountant would be in charge of include compiling, processing, and analyzing financial information for the hospital. Based on standards for accountants in the HCI system they need to have “good communication and organization skills. Knowledge of accounting principles and procedures, 10-key by touch, ability to develop and use spreadsheets, and good analytical skills. ” The typical career path for this type of accounting is to start as a Staff Accountant (or entry-level accountant) and eventually work through climbing the ladder to Accounting Manager.

Once that level has been achieved, the other supervisory positions become an option following the proper work experience and the necessary proof of ones ability to handle those positions. The employers that hire in this type of industry are literally Just about every hospital in the United States. The healthcare industry has an endless amount of hospitals that need accountants to help keep their financial in line. This is another reason in which I hope to work in the Healthcare Accounting field.

There will always be a need for hospitals and as a result a need for accountants. There are also hospitals all over the country and in all types of cities. The system I hope to work for is Hospital Corporation of America, or HCI for short. They have hospitals that operate all over the country and a large number of those hospitals are in Texas. I worked for an HCI hospital in Austin when I was a freshman in college. I did some work in Patient Admissions and Collections. I became very familiar with their financial processes and I like the way they operate their yester.

The pay range for this type of accounting career varies between hospitals, but for the state of Texas an accountant makes on average $70,130 a year based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics data. However, most entry-level accountants with 0-2 years experience make anywhere from approximately $39,640 to $48,920 a year. The high end of the curve for accounting salaries is about $109,870 a year for the state of Texas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Job growth outlook for accounting in 2010 was 16%. This number is reassuring considering everything that is going on in the United States economically.

From the salaries to the Job security, accounting has proven to be a good fit for someone Like me. I Like ten Idea AT Knowing Tanat It Is unlikely Tanat I well ever De out AT a Job. While money is not what I want to obtain out of this career (l prefer Just working with it), it is comforting to know that the salary base for the career field I am choosing is one that I am very comfortable with. The other comforting aspect of a career in accounting is that the field is continuing to expand and grow. In the event that I end up not enjoying a career in Healthcare Accounting there will be countless options for me to explore in the accounting world.