Video gaming is the popular past-time of millions of people. While many people, especially those involved in the gaming field, find this activity to be harmless, research has proven that video gaming while having the ability to be educational, can also be emotionally and mentally damaging when abused.

The gamers that play consistently and without breaks to enjoy life beyond their games risk being influenced by the violence of their games, losing sleep, and maintaining an unhealthy diet. With staggering numbers of increased gamers and the amount of time devoted to games, It has become known that video games are very much an unhealthy Dalton. Are video games addictive and do they prove to be a boon or a bane to society? Video playing and its outcomes is a much debated issue in contemporary society and is one that never fails to baffle us.

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This research paper will attempt to analyze the issue of video addiction and give us deep insight about the behavior of video gamers. Some video gamers, who devote a considerable amount of time to gaming, do not surer negative consequences, out tenure are a Malory group won race adverse experiences related to sleep, diet, school, work and socializing with friends and family. Though gaming addiction is not yet recognized or diagnosed as a disorder, there is a of evidence that proves that many adolescents face dire consequences related to compulsive gaming.

Enhanced graphics, realistic characters, which are complex yet detailed in presentation have attracted international audiences, many of whom would rather delve into their gaming sessions than spend time doing worthwhile or progressive activities. For such individuals, gaming is a compulsion, obsession and an addiction that makes hem neglect their family, friends, and school or work because it forces them to keep away from the real world and live in a world of make believe.

Recent research by a group of researchers, from the Yale University School of Medicine headed by Rain Ideas showed that there is a strong connection between gaming and aggressive behavior. In certain cases, the obsession is overboard and the individual tries to enact what he sees in his game, with violence and destructive behavior. Parents of such adolescents should take such signs as a warning and render immediate treatment to bring the person back to the real world.

When video games are played in intervals, allowing the gamer to take time to exercise, read a KICK, or slimly Just gets away Trot tenet gaming system; peeve gaming can De acceptable hobby. However, without a break to rejoin the real world, video gaming can be an unhealthy addiction that can lead to health and mental problems. Given the research that has been gathered to show that video gaming can be dangerous in lengthy periods and that the AMA feels that video game addiction should be considered a mental disorder, it can be said that addictive to video gaming should be stopped before it is taken too far.