I believe that the best way of being of service to the society is by ensuring that each and everyone receives what is inherently their right, especially in the field of healthcare. It is indeed a sad reality that this principle is not being respected by several of the institutions supposedly imbedded with the purpose of providing optimal healthcare services, irrespective of a person’s race, religion, and social and economic status.

Being a firsthand witness to this kind of malpractice and injustice has resulted in my resolve to some day be a nurse, and acquire the necessary expertise to allow me to make a difference in my home land, The Republic of Ghana. Witnessing the prevailing inequality in healthcare services in my home land, with my cousin dying of pneumonia simply because of professional neglect, was an event that awakened me from my disenchantment.

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I became aware of the possibility of being refused to be given the appropriate treatments if you are financially incapable of paying for these services. Although it was truly an unfortunate incident, it has allowed my maturity to develop almost instantly. From thereon, I vowed to change the system. I am most certain that Emory School of Nursing can equip me with the skills in preparing for my quest. Its esteemed academic excellence is widely accepted as being one of the premiers in the academic field.

If given the opportunity to be under its tutelage, I intend on taking advantage of this chance and learn every detail of the instructions being taught. I know that eventually this will prove to be advantageous in bettering the health services being offered in my home land, as I will be possessing of the highest standards attainable in the Nursing Profession—that of not only being technically adept to every situation, but most importantly, in being impartial to the needs of the community, whatever their societal standing may be.