After reading the play, “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare a conspiracy arises of who killed Macbeth? This is a conspiracy because many people have answered this question very differently. Some people may say that it was the witches, Lady Macbeth, fate, or Macbeth. I’m here to say that Macbeth is responsible for his own death because of his major flaws.    In the beginning of the play, Macbeth is introduced as a loyal, trustworthy person. Macbeth is referenced to as a brave person because of his actions during the battle. He is brought into the play as a brave person for his actions in the war but he is also brave at the end of the play which ultimately results in his death. He does this by continuing to fight even though that he knows that the odds of him winning are slim. Throughout the play his attitude changes due to the sway of other characters on him. In Act 1 and Act 3 he kills Duncan and Banquo but immediately after their deaths the guilt eats him alive and he knows he was wrong for killing them. As I said before the main reason for Macbeth’s downfall was his own. Sometimes when someone wants to be someone or achieve something so bad they will change who they are to accomplish it. This is unfortunately what happened to Macbeth when he was trying to become king. The biggest problem with Macbeth was that he was so focused on being king and did a very good job at becoming king that he committed a lot of wrong things he was guilty of along the way. An example of this is when he demanded Banquo and his son Fleance to be executed because he didn’t want anyone to be more powerful then he was because a king should have all power. Macbeth is scared of the witches prophecy that Banquo’s heirs will take the throne from him so Macbeth orders a few murderers to execute Banquo and his son. When someone is feeling on top of the world they will do whatever they have to do to stay on top without realizing what they’re actually doing to stay on top. After he is king and has realized all the terrible things he has done he leads himself to his own fatal downfall.In Act 2 Scene 2 when Macbeth kills Duncan he desires this need to kill more to stay on top and feel like he has all the power. When people have that much power they will make a lot of decisions with that power and they will either all be bad or good decisions, to stay on top. Unfortunately, the bad decisions Macbeth made throughout his life ate him alive and led him to his own death. He committed so many murders as king and his personality completely changed from being loyal in the beginning of the play and turned to being greedy and a murderer.Macduff is the one who actually kills Macbeth in the play by when he says that Macbeth was not, “of woman born” but was “ripped” out which angered Macbeth. Macbeth knows he cannot win but from all of the guilt he has on his shoulders, he feels as if it is only right to stay and fight. Macbeth tries to keep fighting but Macbeth beheads him and kills him. In this play, it shows a great example that sometimes it’s not always good to be the one with all the power because it can lead one to many bad decisions and ultimately one’s death as to what happened to Macbeth in this play. In conclusion, Macbeth’s death was his own fault which was due to all the bad decisions he had made in his life.