Age is one of the most important
prognostic indicators in carcinoma breast especially the menopausal age. No of
hormonal changes and hormonal therapy after menopause affect the prognosis of
disease. Prognosis is better in older age group as compared to young women(Dirier et al). In current study mean age was 33 years
and 42.9% women were below 33 years. In our study most of women were lying in
age group of 33 to 48 years. This is consistent with the data found in local
literature. In our part of world, carcinoma breast is more common in
premenopausal age group, whereas in western countries, it is more common in
postmenopausal women.  In countries like
Pakistan Women of the middle age group (30–59 years) are at a higher risk of
developing breast cancer(Naeem et al). Other
local studies has found this age group to be the commonest(Baloch et al).

 In current study the most common tumour type
was found to be infiltrating ductal carcinoma, as also found in national and
international literature(Zahra  et al).

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Lymph node status is also a
valuable indicator of prognostic significance. Current study has found that
most of the women are presenting in advance nodal disease (63.9%). This is
contradictory to the international literature, which showed relatively fewer premenopausal
women or younger women in advance nodal disease. Like In one study 54% of the
patients had no lymph node metastasis, 21% had metastasis in range of 1-3 lymph
nodes and 25% had more than three involved lymph nodes(Qureshi
et al). One local study showed 40% of patients had metastasis in more
than three lymph nodes(Naeem et al). This
difference in national and international literature is because of lack of
proper screening programs in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan.

Previous studies especially from
western countries has shown increased incidence of carcinoma breast among
postmenopausal women, mostly because of the screening programs targeted at this
age group, and post-menopausal hormonal therapy(Loius
et al). Therefore patters and characteristics of carcinoma breast have
been extensively studied in postmenopausal women, but much less attention had
been given to premenopausal women. Current study has focused on premenopausal


Carcinoma breast is more common in premenopausal age group
in our part of world. Late presentation with advanced disease warrants more
focused attention on premenopausal women group.