What is aging? Is it a word? Is it a look? Is it something that happens to us as our birthdays come year after year? Well according to Adult Development and Aging sixth edition (The Meaning of Age) Aging normally consist of three processes the first one is called primary aging which is a normal disease free development during adulthood. During this time period many changes occur. The second one is called secondary aging which is the development changes that are related to disease, lifestyles and other environmentally induced changes that are not inevitable.

The third process is called tertiary aging which is the rapid losses that occurs shortly before death. (Adult Development and aging sixth Edition. ) Other things that help us learn about aging are the following biological forces, psychological forces and sociocultural forces According to (Adult Development and aging sixth edition) Biological forces are all genetic and health related factors that affect development. Psychological forces are all internal perceptual, cognitive, emotional and personality factors that affect development.

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Sociocultural forces are interpersonal, societal, cultural and ethnic factors that affect development. These are the development process of aging. By knowing about these steps can help you understand what takes place as these changes occurs. Why learning about aging is an important factor? Because it is a part of life and we will have to experience it. Learning about aging can help you so that when you approach it you can better handle it because you will understand what is taking place with your body Along with the changes that takes place. Another thing that can help you with the aging process knows about a term called gerontology.

Gerontology according to our text book is the study of aging from maturity through old age. Gerontology helps you learn more in depth about aging and other changes that takes place during the aging process. Some people have said that culture and ethnicity does have an effect on aging what do you think? According to (Culture and Aging Brain) cross-culture investigations “Shows changes in the brain that are a consequences of aging and those changes are due to the impact of life’s experiences” so what does this mean? This means that our everyday living throughout our live time does affect our brain, our bodies and our health.

What we eat and where we live and life situations and how we handle them all play an important factor on how we age. How well we take care of ourselves plays a role in our aging. According to (Culture and the Aging Brain) culture is defined as behavioral patterns, beliefs and experiences shared by individuals from a similar geographic region. What does culture mean to you? Many families raise their children in different ways and many families have different circumstances which causes different environments where one family environment may be different then another person.

What a person goes through and how they handle situations does affect a person’s health. As you age things began to change. During a survey according to (What It’s Really like to Grow Old) “More than half of the respondents aged sixty five to seventy four described themselves as middle aged or young in an American survey. Many older adults are taking care of themselves and are living longer compared to many generations ago. Today in the twenty first century we have better hospitals, better jobs and environments. Technology have advanced therefore many people are aging longer.

Aging takes time better known as a process. When people ages they have a lot in common while others have some differences. All aging adults have physical changes that occur to them one thing that is a noticeable change is the skin turns wrinkle and thin. Other change that affects an aging person is their eye vision as we age our vision is not as good as it was previous years ago. Another thing that changes over the years According to my grandmother (Lillie Crooks) who is seventy years old. The body changes as the year’s progress.

There are other things that happen to our bodies which causes aging adults to not be able to do the things that they could do before or years earlier. Things that change in our bodies include our immune system, muscles, our bones, and circulation changes over time and our digestion system. Are some of the things that change as we age aging is a part of life? We all have to experience the aging process as we continue to age in our bodies. During the aging process the person going through it may have mixed feelings about the changes that are taking place in their bodies.

According to (Coping with aging and failing health) “Studies show that five to ten percent of aging adults seem to have difficulties with contact with others over time and between ten and forty percent seem to have periodic problems with maintaining social contact. ” Aging can cause a lot of stress on a person and stress could lead to other health factors. So what can be done to make this a better process? One thing that would be helpful is to gain knowledge about adult aging so that you will be aware of the process and things that will take place during the aging process.

Stay connected with other friends who are dealing with the same circumstances. So that you can have support. Communication with family members to keep them aware and informed. Stay close to the church and join activities offered by them to help gain support from church family. All of these things could help a person going through the aging process. Another process that happens to the human body is the dying process. During the dying process a lot of things that take place and many people experience different kinds of grief.

At no point in time does a person know the exact time and hour of death. According to the Kings James version bible in John 14 “Let not your heart be troubled ye believe in God, believes in me” The bible tells us that when we die there is another live to come along with a new earth with that being said many people approach death in different ways. Some people attitude and reaction varies depending on the person. According to (Adult Development Sixth Edition death can be viewed in different ways some ways include the following Death as an image or object such as a tombstone.

Death as a statistic such as mortality rates death as an event such as funeral. Death as a state of being such as being happy with god all the time. Death as an analogy such as Dead End Street. Death as a mystery such as what will happen after death, death as a boundary such as how many years do I have left? Death as a thief of meaning such as why should I go on living death as fear and anxiety, Death as reward or punishment such as heaven awaits the just. There are many things that a dying aging person may have concerns about such as their house, bills, debt.

In order for a person to be considered to have whole brain death they must have the following According to( Adult Development And Aging sixth Edition ) no spontaneous movement in response to any stimuli. No spontaneous respirations for at least one hour, total lack of responsiveness to even the most painful stimuli, no postural activity,swallowing,yawning or vocalzing, no motor reflexes, a flat electroencephalogram for at least ten minutes, no change in any of any of these criteria when they are tested again twenty four hours later. Theses are the signs that tells a person that they are no longer alive.

When a love one dies this can be hard for a person to deal with all at once and support groups can help to have some one to show support and concern while dealing with the hardship of losing a love one. Many people die for numorous amounts of reasons dying is apart of life also. According to Journal of Avanced Nursing “Some studies suggest that the termalcare for some elderly patients remain hampered by a reluctance of nurses and doctors to be more open in their communication about death” it has been known that religion plays a major factor for aging dying adults.

When you are younger you don’t really think about dying as much as an older person who is nearing death but we should all keep in mind that you do not have to be old to die death does arrive at different times and at different ages. According to the International version bible “But about that day or hour no one knows not even the angels in heaven, nor the son but only the father. This is something that every person should know.

During the dying process some people experience anxiety some people have many conditions and illnesses and have had them for a long period of time and some aging people just are ready to past in peace. Sometimes when death is approaching and an illness has taken place for an aging adult then they may make specific arrangements or special request for family members or friends At this point in time one request may be to dying at home in peace around friends and love ones or an aging adult may want to be left alone needs vary depending on the person.

According to death studies revealed that many older adults” Held beliefs that dying without antibiotics would be the worst way to die which was an interesting. Aging and dying is a part of life and every human that’s alive will have to go through the aging and dying process. And we may be faced with questions and concerns when we are at that point in our lives will you be prepared?