Police officers must evaluate the subject and determine if they pose a threat to themselves or other people in society and if they do the police officer would send that person to be evaluated by a mental health doctor. Police Officers must consider the persons mental state when contacting them for safety of both the officer and the mental Ill person. Because mentally Ill people may be delusional they may see the police as a threat and try to harm them. Also because these people don’t have the ability to pay for long term care their Illness continues and worsens In time.

The majority of Incidents involving persons suffering from mental disorders do not result in violence. However, in some cases mentally disturbed persons can be extremely dangerous to themselves and those around them. Because HIVE and AIDS are spread through needle sharing and sexual behavior I don’t think there is an added risk general associated with being a police officer; however if an officer was to contact someone with HIVE or Aids who was bleeding or combative (spitting or fighting with law enforcement) the risk would increase.

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Police should take into consideration when searching a person that they may be infected with AIDS or may have needles or other objects that can poke the officer. There are some precautions a law enforcement officer can take to better protect themselves, such as covering all cuts prior to start of duty. When searching some use caution to avoid needle sucks, use disposable equipment such as gloves, and masks and asking the person if they are infected with HIVE or AIDS.

Policing the homeless can poses several challenges for law enforcement, such as the increased population of homeless camps, the impact on the environment and the impact on the community. Homeless camps are dangerous to the community because of health factors. Homeless are not the cleansed of people so rats and other disease caring animals usually frequent their areas. Also the homeless will outdoor areas to defecate or urinate which can find its way into the city water system.

Because they do not regular go to the doctor they may have a chronic illness that requires medical attention. Also because the homeless usually don’t have Jobs there can be an Increased criminal activity In the area of their camps. Homeless people moving Into parks and business areas can cause people not to visit or shop In certain areas. Because most homeless have drug problems or mental issues when they are contacted by law enforcement teen are taken to a nationals or treatment Tacitly, tens cause tax payer money to oh pent on the homeless because they do not have health insurance.

Policing a population of homeless, mentally ill and AIDS patients can pose many challenging issues for the police. Most of these issues are health related and community related. Because most of these populations are intertwined with one another it is hard to combat one without the other issues popping up. In all cases police officers should use their resources such as mental health facilities, code enforcement and homeless shelters and churches to assist these people and their communities.