Aurora Lopez Ms. Feehan General Psychology 6 October 2010 Aileen Wuornos People like Aileen make me wonder how they turned out that way. Was it because of her childhood, her parents, or her being neglected? Aileen was one of the first known female serial killers in the United States. No one really knows the true story of why she killed those seven men. Even though I personally do not know why she did it, I can come up with some of my own views on the subject of Aileen. Aileen Wuornos was born on February 15, 1956.

Her mother and father weren’t the perfect parents; her mother abandoned her and her brother when Aileen was around the age of four. It was said that she was raped when she was younger by a few different people. Wuornos got pregnant at the age of fourteen, but she gave her baby boy up for adoption. She began hooking at an early age and she claims she slept in an old abandoned car in the snow. Her childhood doesn’t seem great to me and maybe that’s what led her to what she became; a cold blooded serial killer.

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There are a few perspectives that I’m going to go over to show what I believe caused Wuornos to become a serial killer. The first one is Psychoanalytic; this is what psychologists use to figure out mild or moderate crisis’ that happen in a person’s life. Aileen was not raised like a proper child should be raised. Her parents left her at a young age, she was molested, and she became a hooker. She had to find ways to survive on her own. When she killed people it was like she killed them because she needed to survive in a world where she had next to nothing.

Another perspective is behavior. This is a perspective that is based on learned behaviors. Like I said before, she was molested and raped by people that were supposed to love her. So when she started hooking, it was like those men didn’t truly love her so she thought that they deserved to die. What I think is, that she killed them because she was too young to realize what her grandfather (or father) was doing to her. When she got older and realized that her father molested her, she took her anger out on the men that were paying her to do that stuff that her father did to her.

So she killed those men out of anger because of past experiences. Next, the perspective is cognitive; this area of psychology focuses on mental processes such as memory, thinking, and decision-making. When she had met the love of her life, Tyria Moore, she wanted to give her and herselft everything. In reality we all knew she couldn’t do that because she didn’t have a stable job or income. After a while, I think she came to the realization that if she killed the men that were paying her to have sex, she could just take their money that they had.

So when she killed those men she did it because she wanted to give her girl a good life. Humanistic perspective is the role of motivation on thought and behavior. This situation goes back to my psychoanalytic idea. Aileen was rapped and molested when she was younger so she felt like she had to give her self away because no body really wanted her. She let those guys pay her to have sexual interactions with them and after a while she just let out her anger out. Aileen Wuornos killed all those men because of her anger towards her childhood.

The next perspective is biological or evolutionary. Biological perspective emphasizes the physical and biological bases of behavior; evolutionary psychology is focused on the study of how evolution explains physiological processes. The meaning of these processes to me seem like they are saying people are born with their problems. Aileen’s childhood was horrible and I can see why she went down the wrong path when she was growing up. When kids are little they are suppose to be with their birth parents and be a child.

She was sexually and physically abused and no child should have to go through that. Aileen then had to give her child up for adoption because her father didn’t think she could raise it on her own because she was too young. When she didn’t get the attention like the other children I think she just got mad. She didn’t know her parents. She was raised by her grandparents and she was beaten and sexually abused by ones that were suppose to lover her. When Aileen killed those men, it probably occurred to her that these men don’t care about me.

So instead of letting them live she killed over and over. What I think is that she kept killing the men because she felt like her life was no good and no one would care if she went to prison. No body cared about Aileen when she was a child so it probably dawned on her that no body cares about me now. The next perspective, this it human behavior is influenced by social context, environmental cues, social pressures and cultural influences. Aileen didn’t have many friends and the friends she did have weren’t good people. When she was younger no one would want to hang out with her.

During the movie we watched in class she had a boyfriend but he would ignore her when he was around his friends because he was embarrassed of Aileen. When she was following him or talking to him he would call her names, spit on her, or push her down. Then her grandpa abused her in many different ways. She was then kicked out around the age of fifteen. This could have affected her killings because like I said before, no one cared about her; so why should she care if she hurts people like those other people hurt her. To sum up, all these perspectives could have a factor in why Aileen Wuornos killed those men.

All of these factors somehow connect to each other which leads us to realize that there isn’t just one perspective that caused her to kill; there were multiple perspectives. She had a rough life growing up and it’s no wonder why she became a serial killer. No one will ever really know why she killed those men. These are just my reasoning’s of why I believe she killed. http://www. ccis. edu/courses/psyc101a/Major%20Perspectives%20in%20Psychology. htm http://www. helium. com/items/940561-a-psychological-look-into-serial-killers? page=2 http://psychology. about. com/od/socialpsychology/f/socpersp. htm