All my life, I believed that I was surrounded by what I perceived as order and precision. In school, students of fantastic academic abilities could solve anything with ease. Their detail oriented personalities drove them towards excellence. At home, the structure of my humble abode didn’t seem to possess any hiccups in its architecture. Triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles set the foundation for a place that sheltered my family and I for years. And in nature, from large, archaic trees blossoming with leaves, flowers, and cones that contained mathematical precision to microscopic DNA and its flawless coding techniques, everything possessed a certain type of order that allowed life to continue. It was this view on life that influenced me to try to imitate that perfection, often causing stress and doubt. My perception on life, however, drastically changed when I discovered Fibonacci in the eighth grade. Fibonacci’s theory was that despite the world being built out of precision and perfection, it was still teeming with chaos. What I never realized before was the randomness of the Earth. The students whom I admired so much doubted themselves like anyone else. At home, the paintings were chipped and the walls were marked permanently from years of childhood scribbles. In nature, complete chaos reigned. From the terror of mother nature’s wrath to the sporadic growth of plants and evidence of millions of years of mutation, natural selection, and evolution pointed towards imperfection. I learned that the world is perfect and imperfect; both these aspects have impacted me in so many ways. I learned to not be afraid of distorting the perfect image of life I strove towards every day. I learned not only to strive for the best version of myself, but to also embrace all my imperfections. I learned to not look at life through tunneled vision, but to revel in its complexity and analyze it in its entirety. Before, I would shy away from this new outlook on life, fearing that there was no room for mistakes; now, it invigorates me. This tangled, convoluted world possesses mysteries that are waiting to be known. Just as its flawless nature brings order, its intricacy brings life. My once pristine clothing, desk, and leather chair are now twisted, worn, and scarred. The personalities of my peers and myself, once born into the world without any impressions from those around us, now possess wrinkles as the result of the experiences we have accumulated through our lives. It’s all so dynamic.Perhaps what is even more astounding is how much we do not know. There are 8.7 billion species scattered across the Earth, not including others we have yet to discover. The diversity of it all is staggering and proves how small I actually am. The amount of unknown in this world rivals the amount of questions I have about it, and it is this curiosity that drives me to discover.