Alquisiras 1Bryana AlquisirasMrs. ZingerAVID 1123 January 2017How Did Martin Luther KIng Vision Change the World”Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that” (Brainy Quote). In this quote King is trying to say that he can stop segregation without violence. Martin luther king was a American Baptist minister. He was a the leader of the civil rights movement.(Popular Motivational Articles & Posts From Indian Blogs, Skill Infinity). Martin Luther King Jr was known for his famous speech called ” I Have Dream”. King had an interesting life and had many accomplishments including leader of the Civil Right Movement, leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and ended racial segregation and discrimination. His was also the pastor in Dexter Avenue Baptist church in Alabama. These accomplishment were a catalyst for change and impacted the society because they fought in the civil right movement without using violence ( Wikipedia  Dexter Avenue Baptist church in Alabama). During the time of Martin Luther King Jr. was alive there were a lot of major events that happened. One major event that happened was that Rosa Parks got arrested at the age of 42 because she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery bus. Furthermore segregation was happening. Segregation was when color people were separated from white people in doing basic thing like eating in restaurants. The Civil Act of 1937 was Alquisiras 2turn into law in 1960. In August 18, 1963 King deilvershis famous speech ” I Have A Dream.” Since Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in a time segregation, discrimination, and prejudice he wanted to change that. He had an idea to start in the Civil Right Movement. He wanted the new generation to not go through segregation. King wanted a big future with th African American kids. King believed that he could stop segregation and discrimination with non violence protest. He strongly believed that segregation can be stopped without violence. The protest helped set the tone of the movement.Martin Luther King jr was a huge impact during the 1960’s. King was a well known in the Civil Right Movements. He believed that non-violent protest can stop the Civil Right Movement. In 1955, he became involved in the Montgomery, Alabama boycott of the city buses. The bus boycott was an example that influenced King in the Civil Right Movement. Based on Gandhi principes he uses his ideas in non-violence against any protest. One of the biggests impact that Martin Luther King Jr. made was giving Africans Americans their rights.When Luther was alive he accomplish so many things. One of his accomplishment that impacted Africans Americans was that congress was able to               Alquisiras 3pass The Civil Right Act. He also was responsible for the voting rights act for minors. This was a major accomplish because the law made African Americans and Americans to be as one. Another accomplishment that he protest everything with being peaceful. Since the bus boycott incident he founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference In 1957. King was the president of the Southern Christian Leadership conference in till his assassination in 1968. The SCLC had a large role in the American Civil Right Movement. Martin Luther King Jr. traveled over six million miles and spoke twenty-five hundred time. In 1968 King deliver a speech ¨I Have A Dream¨ that change America perspective in African Americans in a positive way. The day of the speech King was assassinated by James Earl Ray. He was a symbolic leader of African Americans.Martin Luther King Jr. had many characteristics that help the nation. One of his biggest characteristics that stand out alot was leadership. His leadership skill help organize a group of people to protest without violence. As a leader being intelligent is very important. Martin Luther King Jr, was a very intelligent person. King had self-confidence. In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested and sent to jail because he and others were protesting the treatment of blacks in Birmingham, Alabama. After he was out of jail King didn’t stop protesting (King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail Americalibaray). His deremation did not stop him to give up. King care for his community and will do anything to stop it. With all these traits King was able to become one of the best leaders in America history.Alquisiras 4There was many people that influenced Martin Luther King to be a successful leader. Mahatma Gandhi was a huge inspiration to King. He was able to learn teachings from Gandi like being faithful and peaceful. With these skill he was able to led a nonviolence movement in the late 1950´s. If Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive l would like to meet him. I would like to meet him because he is an inspirational person. I would like to hear about his experiences and to help me give a good advice.