That is a very good question and a topic my mother and I have debated over numerous times. When I was in my early teens I had it all figured out and clearly mapped out in my mind. Immediately I was going to be an adult the very moment I turned eighteen. In my little pea brain it was that simple. The United States government declared me an adult, so why wouldn’t everybody else. Eighteen was the magic number… Relight? I was still in high school, but I could write my own excuse of absences notes.

What could be more adult like than being responsible or your attendance at school? I could vote at every level and I was honored to have been a voter in the 2012 elections. I could drive without any previsions and restrictions listed on my license. Not that I did, but I legally could buy cigarettes and adult magazines If I wanted. Much to my surprise, I could gamble at the Margo Casino in California. Without my parent’s consent I could get a tattoo and/or litter my body with unlimited piercing. I could legally tan myself silly in a tanning booth. Wow! The sky was the limit.

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As an eighteen-year-old adult, I could make all sorts of decisions for myself. Like I said, the criteria to be an adult was easy In my mind. I didn’t have to work on it at all. I was an adult Just by turning eighteen and participating in all the activities that came with the magic number of eighteen-years- of-age. Do I consider myself an adult? The task of determining when an individual becomes an adult is a difficult task. Well, let me tell you! When April 8, 2012 rolled around and I turned eighteen, I was no more at “adult” status than I was the day before or two years prior to that. ,572 days of life on earth was not the magic numbers of days to make me an adult. Although I can legally participate In so many more activities, it is clear that I am not emotionally or financially ready to do so. I was reassured when I read “If You Want Me to Treat You Like an Adult, Start Acting Like One! ” Comparing the Criteria That Emerging Adults and Their Parents Have for Adulthood article that I was not alone in my feelings. The research Indicated that the majority of 18-25-year-olds in the united States do not consider themselves to be adults.

Before I can consider myself to be an adult I have so many aspects of my life that need to change, develop, or completed. According to Jeffery Errant and his five eye features characterizing emerging adulthood. I might be experiencing Feeling Len- between. I don’t consider myself to be an adolescent and I don’t consider myself a full-fledged adult. Currently I am stuck somewhere in the continuum of adolescents and adulthood. Although my mother and grandparents are completely supporting my financially through my college years, they don’t make me feel pressured or obligated to them.

Nor do they make me feel less of a person with integrity. But, I don’t think they consider me to be an adult either. Initial studies listed In the article have documented that the criteria for the anthropometry emerging adults tend to view four aspects necessary to become an adult. They are listed as being independent, capable of forming mature relationships, 1 OFF Tolling social norms, Ana Deluge addle to take care AT a Tamely. Out AT ten Tour last criteria I believe I have two. I have always been able to form mature relationships.

I am still friends with people I met in preschool and kindergarten. In fact, they are still my closes friends. In addition, I have always been one to follow social norms. Vive never been a rebel or one to act out. Vive never been one to buck the system. I am a rule follower, but I am also a person to ready to stand up for what’s right and am willing to take a stand. The other two criteria I never really thought about. I am not in a hurry to reach adult status. I am not independent, although at times I would like to think I am.

I do make a lot of decisions on my own. I still rely on my family to financially support me and I also turn to them to solidify major decisions in my life. What criteria does my family believe I must have to be considered an adult? Our textbook explains that in the United States, the most widely recognized marker of entry into adulthood is holding a more or less permanent full-time Job, which usually happens when an individual finishes school-high school for some, college for others, and graduate or professional school for others.

I believe this notion holds true for my family. Until I am completely financial responsible for my existence, I am not going to fully be considered an adult in their eyes or in mine. The need to have a Job or career to gain economic independence can be a long process. Becoming an adult is a complicated and ambiguous transition period. I can safely say in the eyes of my mother I am an emerging adult. With that being said, I don’t know if my mother will ever be able to look at her one and only baby girl as an adult.

All my life my mother has done a great Job providing opportunities and exploration to aid in my autonomy, personal growth, and career interests. I have always interpreted that as her wanting the best for me. Now as I think about it, she was and still is trying prepare me for adulthood. With all the experiences, practices of adult scenario, and the completion of college education, my mother is preparing me to be a self-sufficient and self- reliant member of society, Thus, resulting me becoming an adult.