America spends 2.7 trillion annually on healthcare, but there are 29 million Americans including immigrants that are lacking in health insurance coverage. Universal health care is a system that provides basic medical care as well as financial coverage to all citizens, no matter what community you live in. This means that everyone would be receiving necessary medical services such as vaccines and immunizations in order to maintain a healthy body. In addition, universal health care will take away financial burden and no one would have to worry about affordability or their social status. The universal health care system was inaugurated in 1883 by Germany. This has influenced other countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan as well as New Zealand to implement to a similar health care system. These countries use public and private contributions to fund for its services. If America adopts this system, the primary source of money for its funding would most likely come from taxes. America is the only first world country that has yet developed a health care system that ensures medical care for all of its citizens. Senator Bernie Sanders has been trying to set forth a state (California) single-payer health care plan, in which the government will provide health care for its residents. If this proposal is passed, it will be a revolutionary decision because it is a potential model that may ease other states into supporting this system. In addition, it can potentially cause a national debate that will lead to a push for medicare for all.If the universal health care system is adopted by America, there would be a significant improvement in public health. Most Americans get health insurance by their employer while some get their health insurance from the Affordable Care Act(ACA) and other health insurance coverages. This would mean that people would only get health coverage if they are employed or come from a low income household. For the Americans that are seekings jobs or come from a household that barely makes more than the poverty level, they would either be uninsured or spending all their money getting health care services. In addition, there are some immigrants that work under the the table, which would mean that their employer would not have to provide them health coverage. Universal health care would ensure that all citizens, including those that are unemployed as well as immigrants, the access to facilities that they can visit to get the basic care they need. Moreover, citizens would not have to worry about affordability because it will be funded through public and private contributions. When everyone gets the basic health services they need, it will lead to a decrease in the spread of diseases and germs. As a result, this will lead to fewer people deteriorating from common sicknesses. This system will also cover emotional, spiritual, and psychological aid. Consequently, people will be able to combat mental illnesses sooner with the health care facilities in place. Usually when someone feels good in the heart and mind, they generally lead a healthier and productive life.An improvement in public health can potentially lead to a better economy. When someone catches a sickness, it disables them from working and living comfortably. The universal health care system will promote a higher quality of life, which will make people more productive so they can provide for the country’s economy. Moreover, a productive community will lead to an increase in economic productivity. Therefore, in the long run we would have striving and rich nation. In addition, the universal health care system will create opportunities for individuals to become an entrepreneur or form their own businesses. People usually do not take the risk of starting their own business because they are afraid that they will be deprived of the health care benefits that they were initially receiving from their employer. More than half of the filed bankruptcies are due to medical expenses. If the universal health care system is adopted, people would not have to waste their money on ensuring a healthy life. Alternatively, they are given the opportunity to open up their own business and create more jobs. In an article, a public health authority by the name of Dr. Tedros argues that universal health coverage should be viewed as a rights issue. Every year, a hundred million Americans are pushed into poverty because they are wasting all their money on health care services. This means that more people are having difficulty to sustain the basic standard of living. Furthermore, their basic necessities such as food and shelter are not met, which can lead to serious damages to a person’s physical health. A human’s life is not worth more or less than another, which is why health care coverage should be a right.In order to develop the universal health care system, it will cost a massive amount of money to put it in place. This should not be an issue because we would be putting in a large amount money to have an even larger reward, just like investments. Although Dr. Tedros views health care as a rights issue, a journalist by the name of Atul Gawande challenges his viewpoints using various perspectives and opinions on this issue. There isn’t an exact amount on how much money will be used to start this system, but we can assume that it will be trillions of dollars. Therefore, this can lead to a larger national debt as well as higher taxes. There are some people who would take advantage of this system and fake an illness, so they can receive health coverage and disability income. People argue that it isn’t right that they have to work a full time job to support their family while there are people who sit around doing nothing and gain benefits. On the other hand, there are people who struggle financially for health care which may lead to a fatality to a family member or a close friend. Although it isn’t fair that lazy people receive the same benefits as an individual who works for it, no individual should have to die because they cannot afford health care.One of the main arguments against implementing the universal health care system is that it will cause an increase on taxes. People think that they would be spending more money on taxes than they would have on health insurance but this is not true. In order for everyone to have health care, each person has to pay one thousand dollars. Many people are not aware that they are already paying more than that. Another way to view this is, would you rather pay for an individual’s chemo treatment or their regular screenings? There are people who believe that we have to pay more taxes when an individual goes to the emergency room for a minor problem that becomes a major problem. This may be true, but issues with taxes can be combated. For instance, the government can adjust the tax rate so that everyone pays the same amount at every state. Therefore, there would not be a big difference from the initial tax rate and it would be fair for everyone.People argue that the government lack in skills at managing enormous systems such as the universal health care system. People believe that the expertise in other areas of the government would be cut to maintain the healthcare system, but there has never been a system that hasn’t encountered issues along the way. There are also other arguments against universal health care such as accessibility and extended wait times. In a system where all citizens are given the same health care services, it may result in longer lines and some individuals who won’t be seen that day. This may be an minor issue, but it could be combated if we create more health care facilities. If it’s a major illness, an individual would be seen based on the severity. At the end, everyone will be given the health care services they need. Also, it gives everyone an equal opportunity of living and promotes a healthier lifestyle. (1349)