My husband and I are in a financially difficult place in our lives. Not unlike many other people of our age we are struggling to pay a mortgage and bills that just seem to get more expensive by the day. And when we had our first child, we made the decision for me to stay home for awhile. Truth be told, the cost of childcare would have made my salary pretty much a wash anyway and I wanted to enjoy this first year at home with our daughter. In order to make that happen and take some of the financial pressure off of our shoulders we got rid of one of our cars. Now we only have my husband’s car which is paid off. This can be a huge inconvenience for sure, but it is one worth dealing with considering what it allows us to do.

But being without a car during the day has forced me to make dramatic changes to the way I was living. I certainly shop smarter, making sure that I have what I need in the house; and my daughter and I have gone on some long walks.

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But when I decided to use some of my time at home to finish my college degree, I worried that transportation would be an issue. But with an online business degree program I am able to attend school without the commute that would normally be necessary. This means that school is anywhere I want it to be; I can logon when the baby is sleeping and do some reading, get a paper done at night when my husband is home and spending time with our daughter, and generally make my own schedule.

Clearly this wasn’t always an option in the world of education; but I’m glad that when I need it most the online business degree program is available for me.