There are few things more stressful than trying to balance a busy career and a busy family. Between the cost and logistics of childcare and feeling like you are getting pulled in a thousand different directions over the course of any one day, the exhaustion can be palpable. And for those who feel that they are getting nowhere fast in their careers the exhaustion can easily be compounded by sheer frustration. So it’s not surprising that while many working parents may consider the pursuit of a higher education – and appreciate the profound positive effect it can have on their career – they are just as quickly put off by the logistical impact that such an arrangement would have on their lives.

However, in today’s virtual world where we can shop, play, communicate, and even work online there has emerged a new trend in education – the online degree. Many accredited colleges and universities are offering full-fledged online degree programs in addition to their traditional schedule of classes. And other universities have emerged that are dedicated solely to the pursuit of an online degree.

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For working parents the possibility of earning an online degree makes an education not only possible but also within reach. By taking the required classes through online instruction and completing and submitting course work online, students can work their school schedule around the demands of their life – instead of the other way around. By removing these logistical barriers, online degree programs are opening up a whole new world of educational possibilities for those already balancing home and career.