There are so many plans that we make throughout our lifetime; plans that while they are set forth with the greatest of intentions, often come under attack from the many changes that happen to us on a day to day basis. The plan to earn a higher education is always made with the greatest of intentions but sometimes those plans just do not hold up under the pressure of life. Some of us may go directly to college following high school graduation, and while the pursuit of our degree may go smoothly for quite some time, practically anything has the power to derail us from our plans – financial problems, the presentation of our dream job, an unexpected pregnancy, a marriage, and so forth. Before we know it, we are no longer pursuing our educational goals, having gone in another direction in response to our circumstances.

Older students are even more prone to such challenges. Those non-traditional students that may have decided to pursue their college education later in life may have the best of intentions, but life changes may cause them to redirect their goals. After all, traveling to and from campus and sitting in classes may only last so long in the face of a full time career and the raising of a family. But with the option of an online degree, students in all situations can continue to pursue their educational goals, no matter what their circumstances.

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An online degree only differs from a traditional degree in terms of where it is offered. While students would typically have to travel to a campus to earn a degree, today they can logon to their computers in order to “attend” classes; completing all of their requirements online. And because of the flexibility inherent in an online degree, they are able to hold up to the changes in life.