An Anesthesiologist is basically doctors they just use something called anesthetics which is special drugs and certain kinds of gases. There main goal is to not let the patient wake up or die but also it is to keep patients pain-free during there surgery. They look at the patient’s medical history and then consult with the surgeon and nurses to help them decide on the type of anesthetic to use on the patient. Once they start talking to the patient they explain what they are going to do. But one thing I remember from having my appendix out they basically say take 5 deep breaths and when you get to 4 the nurse say bye bye. Then they monitor the patients heart rate during their surgery. This job is suitable for me because on the suitable for you option it was like very much or doesn’t matter on all of them.What this job does is gives people anesthesia to put them asleep for their surgery, but before the patients surgery the Anesthesiologist goes and looks back at the patient’s medical history. Then they’ll go and talk with their surgical team and decide what drugs or gases they should use.  Then they monitor the heart rate while you are in your surgery but then they also are monitoring how much anesthesia they are giving the patient. Basically the anesthesia helps patients have no pain during there surgery. Many factors come into play when they select the anesthetic. It mainly depends on the type of surgery. Patients’ general health and any other drugs they take will have an impact as well. There working conditions are really good they work in hospitals, clinics, and pain treatment centers. But most of the time they spend their time in the operating room. There whole team that they work with consists mainly of nurses and surgeons and then Anesthesiologists. For the most complicated surgeries they have they can spend as long as 8 hours in the operating room. Most Anesthesiologists may work really long hours like from 60-65 a week and working overnight and over the weekends are most common. They are usually on call too unless you work in the pain treatment center.Anesthesiologists income(Career Cruising,2018) ranges from about $150,000 to $450,000. The median salary is about 476,000 a year. All doctors who are training to be anything in the medical field have to do a Residency make 50,000 to about 70,000. From the education section of (Career Cruising,2018). To be an anesthesiologist you need to go to medical school. But first you have to get a bachelor’s degree which will take 4 years. Those 4 years do require a ton of science classes. It is hard to get into medical school. But to get into medical school you have to have very good grades and you need to have a very high score on the Medical College Admission Test which is also abbreviated as MCAT. Once you have finished your first 4 years then to be an anesthesiologist you then need to do a 4 year residency. This is a time of where your in practical training in a hospital or other medical setting. In conclusion an anesthesiologists make sure that there patients don’t have pain during their surgery and also they have to monitor their patients heart rate so that way they don’t die during there surgery. Also they have to be really careful with the type of anesthetic they use on their patient. This is why I wanted to be an anesthesiologist.