An important part of one’s life is education. High School and College are very big life decisions for young adults. There are many differences related to High School and College, such as the schedules, the time you put into your schoolwork and the teaching environment. High School and College both further ones learning skills, but college is not for everyone.In High School schedules are given to students. These schedules are provided for by Counselors who choose what classes a student should take in order to graduate. Social roles are often put onto high school kids. This means that students will group with other people like them and try to fit in, in order to appease other students. In high school students can count on teachers and parents to remind you of work that needs. High School gives one the opportunity to be open and try new things while they are still young. High School lets kids take classes that are fun and while they are taking these classes it gives the student an idea of what they might want to pursue as a future career. College is not mandatory or required but it is a good way to expand your knowledge and have a higher chance of getting a stable job. In College you are expected to be self disciplining, this means that you have to make sure you do your own homework because no one else is going to tell you that a paper is due and constantly remind you to get it done. Depending on what college you go to it can be very expensive. If you go out of state then tuition is very pricy, this also depends on your major and how long you intend on going to college for. In college you make up your schedule, you decide what you what you want to learn and you also have to create time in your schedule for finals. In comparison High School and College are very similar. Both are schooling environments that expand your knowledge and prepare you for the real world. In both schools finals are still present and you have to study for them. High school and college do have their differences, for example they are financially different. Most High Schools are public so you do not have to pay for them where almost every college costs money. Although college high school have similarities, they both differ in many ways. In high school one might have an eight hour day with maybe eight subjects, but, in college one’s schedule is different on a daily basis. The average college student could have five to seven classes a week. Not all the classes are taken everyday. In college, students have more freedom to start making their own decisions, where in high school the students have more rules that are to be followed. The grading system in college is different than in high school. High school gives out quarter grades, and college has semesters. Attending classes in college is a choice, where in high school, a teacher or parent was always trying to get the student to attend school. These are some of the differences between the two different types of schooling.When college and high school are contrasted on financial, social aspects, and academics, it is clear that college is more costly, socially dynamic, and academically challenging than the high school environment.